Drink Recipe Haiku

A cousin of belladonna’s weekend haiku thread…

a harvery walbanger
vodka, orange juice
and then some galiano
lemondade and beer
is called a shandy not a
shanty. i was wrong.

C C and Seven
Canadian Club Whiskey
7-Up to taste

I like White Russians
Vodka, Kahlua, and Milk
Shake it - don’t stir it

Pour gin over ice
Stir, strain into glass, garnish
Think about vermouth.

Add some tobasco
To a shot of tequila
Puts hair on your chest

Apple juice is added
Over a splash of JD
Apple Jacks - So smooth

Take one part vodka
Add to it cranberry juice
Over ice, it’s nice

Bourbon and vermouth
With a dash of bitters, strain
Manhattan is name

Tequilla and lime
Sours and ice shake well, salt
rim of glass - enjoy

what a great idea
Now I need a drink or three
Manhattan I think

Crap that margarita one should read (can’t believe I put sours mix in there - duh)

Tequila and lime
Triple sec and ice, shake
salt rim, pour, enjoy

Beer and Sprite mixed
Make Radler, the German treat.
Tasty in summer.

Freshly dripped coffee
Kaluha and heavy cream
Headache on waking

Shandy: Beer and Lemonade.
Surprisingly good.
Still think aussies are weird.

Shandy: Beer and Ginger Ale
Very refreshing
Now think Canucks are weird?

(Uh oh. Last line is too long
Now think not haiku
So sorry, people)

Poutine: Fries, Cheese, gravy.
Cardiovascular death.
Always thought Canucks were odd.

“Now think Canucks are weird?”

That works. Especially if you pronounce ‘weird’ like me, with two sylables:


Tequila and lime
Curacao and ice, shake.
Blue drinks are more fun.

Pink Lemonade And
Vodka In Equal Amounts.
“Pinko Commie” Yum!

I’ve heard of Shandies.
It’s not beer and lemonade?
Brit Dopers, weigh in.

Summer: Three ice cubes,
Squirt of lime juice, tonic, and
Gin, gin, gin, gin, gin.

V-8, Worcestershire,
Dash pepper, Lemon, Vodka,
Heat: Bloody Mary.

Ice-cold Martini -
Whisper “dry vermouth,” olive,
Glass of ice-cold gin.

Kentucky Derby:
Bourbon, mint, sugar; infuse them
ten minutes. Julep.

And finally…

Why do folks believe
Haiku means only “three lines”?
It’s 5-7-5.

Damn! I just noticed the repetition of “ice-cold” in the martini one. Let’s try that again:

Ice-cold Martini -
Whisper “dry vermouth,” olive,
Glass of Bombay gin.

Eek, and as long as I’m revising, please remove the word “them” from the “Kentucky Derby” masterpiece. Sheesh.

Basho I ain’t.

Rowling’s Butterbeer
One twelve ounce glass of root beer
One shot Buttershots