Drinking alone on Friday evening

It’s not just for kids anymore!

I’ve never been a big drinker, but I figure, I’m 27, why not start a new hobby? You can’t do movies and music and comics all the time! Plus it has been a crummy month, with bad news after bad news. And I’m a bad roommate, according to some of you. So my roommate went out with his girlfriend and this other dude, and I am going to drink all the beer in the fridge (don’t worry, it’s all “up for grabs”) and eat all the wasabi peas, but I just got those. In fact, I’ve already had 3, and even though I’m around 200 pounds, I don’t have a high tolerance! I feel it every time I move. Whooey sasparilla! I deserve it because I’ve been so depressed. Sometimes life just sucks and you want to forget about it. Can I get a “hell yeah”?

Didn’t think so. :frowning:

Well, my wife just left for a few weeks to get her eye worked on in Boston, so I, too am alone and drinking on a Friday evening. On my second Pacifico Clara at the moment, shifting to bourbon after dinner. Have a wasabi pea for me!


After the week I’ve had I think I’ll join you in drinking…umm…alone.

Thought I better get this out the way early. I’ve had a bad mental week because of one credit-taking scouse git of a cow-shagger who sends one e-mail a fuking month so the rest of us get to look like dunces when we don’t know what the hell some random dude from some random company somewhere is talking about. This arse has the nerve to submit to my plainly superior talents in-office and ask for help, all the while knowing he’s allowing me and the other decent workmates* to look incapable from the outside world.

Mmmm. Wasabi peas. And beer. What kind of beer? If it’s Shiner, I’m on the next flight out.

Drinking alone on a Friday night can be the best. After a long week, when I need some alone time, I’ll curl up with a nice bottle of red and a book. Oh, sure, I’ll pay for it in the morning, but at the time it’s so good.

Uh, Lou? Consider it gotten. :wink:

Campion, I am in the legal profession as well! But I wake up every morning full of fear and dread, and my daily mantra is “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

Unfortunately, all we have is Michelob Light. I like Guinness, Delirium Nocturnum, Abita Purple Haze, and PABST BLUE RIBBON. But I also have my own bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon, and the night is still young!

I have just been dumped, so let me join you in this drink (krupnik, for anyone interested, inspired by this thread.

Wasabi peas give Morbo gas. I will destroy you!

I also bought a bag of OLIVE OIL AND SEA SALT potato chips that I sprinkled rosemary on, and a SPINACH AND FETA foccacia bread. I love shopping hungry at the Super Target! And I can always make myself a quesadilla later. Ay, tonight I can wallow in self-pity and eat like a king, and back to studying and being miserable tomorrow! Yahhrrrrr!

And that makes you different from 90% of everyone else in the legal profession, how? I’ll see your fear and dread, and raise you “moments of sheer terror” and “feelings of inadequacy.” :wink: It’s a normal part of what we do. We just have to learn to live with it. It helps that, over time, you build confidence in your skills. I no longer come to work with that sick feeling in my stomach that I am going to be found out as a fraud.

No Shiner, hmmm? Well, it’s probably for the best. I can see the freeway from my office, and even getting to the airport would take hours right now.

I am so sorry that happened. I am listening to my musical hero Tom Waits, who has plenty of sad songs for us both to drink to.

That’s it! Scary talk about performance reviews (this is my first job EVER), plus I got bad news about the Bar Exam a couple weeks ago and have to take it again and pass it, or

[Donald Trump] I’m FIRED![/Donald Trump]

I don’t want to hijack your thread, but if you want support, email me. Not passing the bar on the first go and feeling as if you’re a complete loser at work are common. (The newbies around here are shocked when I ask them if they still think they’re going to get fired every day; they can’t figure out how I know they feel that way.) Sometimes it helps to know you’re not alone, and to know that you aren’t a failure just because you had a setback or two. (Start a thread asking whether other Dopers suffered a setback or two before they got settled in their careers, and you’ll see.)

Besides, I think you’re swell. :wink:

I wish I was still drinking. i had my friday night, and now it’s saturday morning and I’m at work. So if anyone’s still drinking for friday night, drink for me please!

Man, your evening sounds good to me. I will give you a total hell yeah.

I’m not much of a drinker, but I would definitely have to try something called Delirium Nocturnum.

You get a hell yeah from me too. I think I might venture out for something to drink a bit later.


Strangely enough, I’m a law student too. It’ll be a while before I have to start worrying about passing the bar exam, but I’ve heard the horror stories from a couple of people I met during a summer job manning the xerox at a firm. I assure you, much less deserving people have passed. :slight_smile:

Now, I think iTunes has finished transferring that Tom Waits album.

Drinking alone here tonight, too.

I turned down my much younger roommate’s offer to go with him to his buddies to play Edward 40 Hands and my other roommate hasn’t been here all day.

Looks like its just me and you, 18-pack-of-Miller-Lite-cans.

For amusement, watch my post quality nosedive as the night progresses!

Woo hoo…count me in on the booze fest. I’ve had a beer and two fairly strong rum and cokes. I’ve had a bitch of a day…

And while I am not a law student or anysuch, would it make you feel better to know that in my line of work, were I to get sued for anything, in a court of law I would be “held to the same standards as a reasonably competent attorney”? No law degree, but I could still be hung from the same hook…how’s that for fun? :dubious:

Too bad you are not in CO…I’d say come on over for some awesome microbrew and the fabulous Mexican dinner I made tonight. Plenty of leftovers! :wink:

Oh…almost forgot…hell yeah!

BBVL: Hell, yeah.

I’m drinking wine. Things in my life are okay, but I’ve wasted my entire day and my boyfriend is out partying without me.

Hell yeah from over here.

Drinking does sound like a good idea. More than one Friday night have I enjoyed an alcholic beverage while waiting for someone, anyone to get home. I hate coming home to an empty place after work on Friday. Not to mention that I don’t get home until like 10.