What do you do when drunk alone?

Just wondering, what do you do when you’re drunk and nobody can see you??? Now I mean dancing or whatever, nothing perverted…

Well maybe some then :smiley:

I don’t drink alone on principle, but when I’m ‘drunk’ (as in, ‘these pipes are for tobacco use only’ drunk) alone I’ve been known to dance around and perhaps even sing, or maybe just lie around on my bed watching Adult Swim (it’s usually that time of night) and eating chips. Or sometimes I put on some chilled-out but trippy music (Radiohead, some Jimi Hendrix, some Beatles, Mazzy Star, and Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favorites for this) and just drift into sleep. Best feeling ever.

I just bought GTA: Vice City a couple days ago, though, and that’s been most of what I do alone since. So that will probably factor into such activities the next time I’m in that sort of situation.

Just to clarify and to let people know I’m not alcoholic, I don’t just mean when you drink alone, it might involve getting drunk with friends then coming home and finding nobody is in :smiley:

Hmm, Tel me more about this Adult Swim of which you speak.

Two words: Air Guitar.

I usually just find everything hilarious. I’ll sit by myself, cracking up at the random thoughts that run through my head. Or I’ll fall asleep.

Adult swim is the Cartoon Network late at night, when they can get away with showing cartoons that might be less suitable to young sensibilities.

Cartoons man. Just cartoons.

Chat in #straightdope and make even more of an ass out of myself than normal or be lectured by friends that don’t want me drinking.

Or both. Almost always one or the other though.

Twister, with half the circles whited out.

I call up people in my cell phone whom I haven’t talked to in a while. Obnoxious, I know, but it provides hours of entertainment :smiley:

I like to put on a Led Zeppelin DVD and turn it up as loud as it can go. Or waste time on the internets.

i clean the house.

ok, sans pants anyway.

The last time I had a couple of drinks at home (was getting ready to go out and decided to have a couple of cheap ones first), I hopped on SDMB for a few minutes and humiliated myself by trying to answer a math-related question. :o Posting while tipsy, don’t do it…

I play group type drinking games when I’m drunk alone. “Hey, I made the quater in the glass again, ok, this time you drink !” wooohooo ! :smiley:

Lately, I find myself drunk and alone a lot. I usually do one of the following, or all at the same time: Become the chat room weirdo who can’t type (like the bar room drunk who no one wants to sit next to.), listen to groovy music, get into god mode with Sim City 4 and lay waste to entire regions, eat A LOT, call in to the art bell show. :smiley:

Whenever I’m drunk and alone, my PC susually winds up with some sort of virus.

I assure you, I am sober. :o

I play solitaire until the sun rises with an incomplete deck. I’m usually too drunk to carry a tune anyway…

I haven’t done that in a while, but as I recall, I read, sleep, and play music. I’m only drunk online if I’m drinking while I’m online, if you see what I mean. I used to get drunk alone for only one reason – breaking up – and on those occasions I’d sit on the floor listening to The Wall as loud as I could stand it, and I’d cry, cry, cry.