Drive Angry Best Schlock Film Evar!

I just got back from the late show of Drive Angry. In 3D. 3D actually made sense for this stupid, senseless shoot 'em up with fast cars, loose women (some gratuitously nekkid), violence, car chases, satanic rituals and blood everywhere. Jo Bob would say check it out. Oh, and it includes a nekkid actress screwing the star while he is shooting bad guys. This is Nick Cage’s finest moment.

And I think that Angelina Jolie might have done a few lines as a cameo as one of the baddies at the church shoot out.

How does it compare to Machete, which currently hold the title as best schlock film evar?

Machete was better. Waaaaaay better.

After Cage and the 3D cameras there wasn’t much budget left, and it shows. While Machete is crammed full of schlock, Drive Angry has difficulties stretching the available amount of schlock into an adequate movie.

And an adequate movie it is, but not more.

William Fichtner (the accountant) makes up for it, though. He’s understated in an awesome way.

Very low budget, but a lot of good actors (not Cage, although he is not bad in this one). While not a zombie movie it has the feel of a zombie movie. Machete had better nudity.

The 3D was used really well in this movie, particularly when it was not just “comin at ya” use, of which there was plenty. I’m going to go so far as to say that the 3D was beautiful, and that is probably what ate the budget.

plot question

Was the main baddy supposed to be some kind of God or escapee also? He seemed to recover well from being stabbed by his own necklace both by Cage’s daughter and by the blonde helping him

I wondered that as well, but I think the Accountant makes it pretty clear that it’s all BS.