Best film to appear on MST3K

We’ll just exclude This Island Earth, Marooned and Phase IV.

Annnnnnd go.

“We’ve got MST3K threaaaaaad!!”

I always thought The Killer Shrews was actually kind of okay.

Bloodlust! is, dare I say it, a pretty good movie.

It’s basically The Most Dangerous Game with more than a couple people involved.

Heck, it is a good movie. Yet, it made a great MST3K as well. It’s one of the only ones I really enjoyed while at the same time enjoying the riffing.

The Puma. . .er, excuse me, Pewma Man. It’s bad, but you took the good ones off the table, and I’m not watching B&W Hamlet, so The Pewma Man it is. It’s entertainingly bad.

Final Justice has honorable mention here.
“You think you can take me? Go ahead on.”

That comment reminds me that there were a couple times during Overdrawn at the Memory Bank when I wanted them shut-up so I could figure out what was going on.

Who do you prefer, Joel or Mike?

I started MST3K a bit late and didn’t know Joel was the original host. It took me a while to warm up to him, but you can count me in as a Joel fan.

Joel can be seen in this episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Which oddly enough, I found to be quite unfunny.

*I Was A Teenage Werewolf *was pretty good, within its genre.

The Trollenberg Terror (Crawling Eye) and *Gorgo *were both pretty decent.

They showed a German TV version of* Hamlet*. Granted, it was low-budget, but still, Hamlet!

A Russian-Finnish production of a fantasy movie called “Jack Frost” (1965) has better ratings from the IMDB than other big productions of the day like the fantasies The Sword and the Dragon and The day the earth froze (both also riffed by MST3K), that last one was in my childhood mind in the same level as the Simbad movies of the 70s, fun and sometimes scary.

But, I have seen people that make lists point at Jack Frost as one of the most enjoyable films the crew had to watch. The movie is free to watch at the IMDB/Hulu:

Not Disney alright, but interesting to see the cultural differences on how faerie tales are pictured in Russia.

I was going to say that. But since it’s taken, I’ll say “Final Sacrifice”. Rowsdower

I adored The Horror of Party Beach and would have been highly amused, even without the commentary.

Well of course, Gamera.

“1942, an Ewok behind enemy lines…”

That line knocked me off my couch with laughter.

Has anyone else here seen Bloodlust? I’ve seen almost all the movies mentioned here and I think it’s still better.

I’ll second the Russo-Finnish movies. They have a bizarre, non-hollywood style and pacing to them that makes them interesting (albeit not necessarily great) along with some very clever effects.

I don’t get why that movie has a bad rep, among the few dozen who have ever heard of it. Sure, the effects are cheesy. So what? It’s got an okay story and the performances aren’t bad.

I had a similar reaction to “Hello, breakfatht!” which I think was during The Magic Voyage of Sinbad.

For a low-budget film, with very limited effects, it wasn’t bad.

I saw in a Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago that James Best (who starred in the original) has just made a sequel (he wrote and starred in it):

From the box and the trailer, it’s clear that they now have (not entire up-to-snuff) CGI Killer Shrews. At least it beats dogs wearing carpets and masks.

And it’s got Bruce Davison, the original Willard from “Willard”, now facing bigger rodents!

I Accuse My Parents was pretty damn funny. Story of a kid who got into trouble because of his… lame parents.