Favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes?

Aside from Manos the Hands of Fate. :slight_smile:

My wife and I have been streaming episodes of MST3K off Netflix and we’re loving it. I saw it plenty when it originally ran, but it’s a joy to see 'em without commercials.

So far, I’ve loved:

  1. Santa Claus vs. the Martians - I had forgotten the racist opening segment with Christmas around the world.

  2. Laserblast - I hadn’t seen this one before. Wow, Mike and the robots were on with this one. Hilarious.


Outlaw of Gor has brought me much tubular boobular joy!
Hercules and the Captive Women … “Look! Their canary exploded!”
Prince of Space put the terms “wispy bachelor” and “haaaw haaaw haaaw!” into my personal lexicon!

Space Mutiny
Hercules Unchained…the part with antaes (sp) always cracks me up. (“Spit on him, Herc…snickersnag on him!”)
Overdrawn at the Memory bank

Man, there are so many of them that I love…MST3K was one of the few shows that really made me laugh.

Godzilla vs Megalon is classic.
Attack of the Giant Leaches has the best song they ever did: “I’m a Danger to Myself and Others.”

Mystery Science Theater 300 was a lousy series.

Mystery Science Theater 3000, however, was terrific. :slight_smile: I think of one of my faves was (Arizona) Werewolf. The fact that pile of crap was made in the mid-90’s still blows me away.

“It’s a whaaarewuulfe!”

I watched that a week ago…it was made in the 90’s? Seriously? It screamed 80’s!


I really like Boggy Creek 2: And the Legend Continues.

I named my worgen character in WoW “Wurrwilf”.

Ohhh, lemme see.

Prince of Space still is my favorite. Too many classic riffs to count. A choice exchange:

Krankor: It is the last thing you will see in this life.
Scientist: What?
Krankor: Each of you will be put into a space capsule.
Scientist: What?
Tom Servo: F’r cryin’ out loud: EACH OF YOU WILL BE PUT INTO A SPACE CAPSULE!!!

Krankor then explains his complicated plan to kill the scientists using space capsules for an extended time while Mike & the Bots say variously “What?” “Beg Pardon?” “How’s That?” “Come Again?” “What he say?”

And after Krankor finishes explaining his diabolical plan:

Crow: Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to bludgeon them all right here?

Other favorites episodes: Space Mutiny, Pumaman, The Giant Spider Invasion, The Cave Dwellers, the aforementioned Manos…These and many, many more!

Final Sacrifice was pretty good…I mean the bots of course, especially when they were doing Yosemite Sam impersonations with that grizzled old prospector character.

They made Quest of the Delta Knights bearable. The skit with Leonardo Da Vinci still a live and being a mobster (because he’s Itallian) wasn’t that great though.

And I loved them in Devil Doll. Crow dressing up Mike as a dummy, putting him in a cage and teasing him that he’ll never be able to eat lunch meats. Crow transferring his soul to a toaster strudel.

Ok, as I recall I’ve read discussions online about “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank” and it is often compared with Hamlet as being a film that is just so freaking dull that not even the Mysties could redeem it … and that’s saying a LOT.

However, “Space Mutiny” is GREAT, I heartily second it. It’s a Z-grade Battlestar Galactica knockoff that has to be seen to be disbelieved, and the Mysties were in GREAT form on that one: Biff Hardbody! Rock McLargehuge! Dirk Slabcheese! … “She’s presenting like a Mandrill!” … what’s the deal with all the railings in this movie?"

Also, gotta recommend “Spider Island,” about a bunch of slutty showgirls marooned on a remote Pacific islands infested with … I’m sure you can figure it out. Cheesy horror with extreme inhibited 50s sexiness … the Mysties just feast on the movie.

What was the name of the Conan clone where at the end they point out the 4 wheeler tracks, wristwatches, sunglasses and other out of place crap?

That’s “Cave Dwellers”. Probably my second favorite Joel episode, just behind “Manos”, and just ahead of “Mitchell”

“I Accuse My Parents” is another favorite Joel entry of mine:

Short Order Cook: Lotsa broke guys come in here. I never let them leave hungry.
Joel: Got 'em piled out back!

I believe it was “Oh dear Lord, the canary exploded!” I remember it because it was one of the funniest lines in the whole series.

The Day the Earth Froze, about one man’s quest for the Sampo. There’s a part where he fails to get the Sampo, comes back to his village, and everyone greets him with a rousing folk dance, to which Joel and the bots sing “you failed! you failed! you failed!”. My dad and I nearly died of laughter.

…it may not be as funny described here.

I tend to prefer movies that were actually meant to be serious (at least at first) but either didn’t age well or just didn’t work. So, for instance, The Girl in Lover’s Lane, Samson vs. the Vampire Women, Swamp Women, The Beatniks, and Tormented.

I also really like Santa Claus. From the first 20 minutes of so that is just kids singing badly while the riffs come fast and furious (Mike: If seasonal holiday depression has a soundtrack, this is it), to Santa’s creepy surveillance gadgets, to Pitch the devil (Tom: I see Hell got an NEA grant), it’s just such a bad movie.

Fugitive Alien, parts 1 and 2. It’s the lyrics Joel & the bots add to the soundtrack that I love.

“He tried to kill me with forklift. Huzzah!”
In general, I’m most partial to the episodes featuring Japanese monster movies, and the older Corman films–but I’m partial to those anyway. They were why I started watching MST3K in the first place.

“He’s a failure, la la laaa,
Total loser and a chump,
He’s a failure, total failure,
He’s a failure la la laaa.”

also, “Ahhh, THERE she is…” “Miss Americaaaa…”

“They’re roasting Bullwinkle!” “Will somebody PLEEZE put me out, I seem to be on FIYURR! Save me Rocky, help mee!”

Love that one.

Had the opportunity just last night to introduce a few children to the horror that is “Santa Claus.” They loved it. They had never HEARD of MST3K. Today I’m bringing them some shorts. “Why Study Industrial Arts” (“Because you’re bad at math?”) is one of my favorites. Every line in there is funny.

For full length movies, I loved Warrior of the Lost World (the Paper Chase guy, Jimmy Carter jokes, the cough syrup riff ) and have a soft spot for Killer Shrews as it was the first one I ever saw.