Help me choose an MST3K episode to snag a skeptic

My brother, who has a sense of humor that screams MST3K, has not been properly inducted. He loved the Mike’s Mega-Cheese book and is thinking, with some hesitation, of sticking a toe in.

I considered sending him the first Hercules, or maybe Mutiny in Space, but I keep changing my mind. After all, another person’s MST3K future rides on this decision. So, you get to choose. Come to a consensus on the perfect episode for a newbie and I’ll send it to him for his birthday.

I vote for Mitchell or possibly The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. Mitchell is probably the one that gets the most quoted around here, though.

What about Manos, the Hands of Fate?

I dunno. Manos is a classic because it’s widely considered the worst movie of all time, but for that very reason, I’m not sure it’s the best one for introducing a newbie to the series. It’s really pretty unwatchable, and the jokes only help so much. JMHO, of course.

Are we limited to commercial releases? If so, then “Mutiny in Space” is a good choice. Otherwise “The Final Sacrifice” gets the nod.

I’d rather send him something that’s a commercial release, but I’ll leave it open.

Agreed. I think for a newbie the movie has to be watchable on some level, which [sadly] leaves out Manos.

Mutiny in Space,

or Hobgoblins.



Killer Shrews.

Final Sacrifice.

The wild, wild, wild world of Batwoman is a favorite of mine, as well as the sodium one. I like the b&w monster movies best, though. I will happily watch any of those with no commentary at all. But the sodium one has some really good jokes (Aaaaaaave Mariiiiiia…)

I was considering The Skydivers, but the DVD set it is on may be out of print.

For a second choice, I would concur with Hobgoblins.

Godzilla vs. Megalon or Pod People.

Seconded. My favorite.

He TRIED to kill me with a forklift!

Fugitive Alien, Season 3, Joel era

I’ve recently treated some MST3K noobs to “The Final Sacrifice” and it went over really well. Also, I would recommend “Time Chasers,” “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank,” “Hobgoblins,” “Boggy Creek 2”, “The Touch of Satan,” and “Space Mutiny”. Any of those I think would be good introductory material.

Prince of Space!


You know, I think Hobgoblins is a great idea, but then it opens up the possibility of Puma Man, Soul Catcher or Wuhrr-wolf. Of course, The Screaming Skull, Devil Doll and Quest of the Delta Knight each need consideration.

Final sacrifice, Killer Shrews, Danger!Deathray, Pod People, Mitchell, Prince of Freakin’ Space! See my problem, here? So many prospects and such high stakes. The pressure is killing me.

I would not pick any Coleman Francis films. I think The Amazing Colossal Man is pretty watchable.

What? No love for The Day The Earth Froze? That shit had me rolling with laughter.
(I think that’s what it’s called; the one based on the Kalevaala.)

On the other hand, hard to go wrong with either Secret Agent Super Dragon or Girls Town.

Oh, hell, now you’ve got me going. I’m going to have to watch this stuff all over again!