Fast and Furious 3: Tokyo Drift

I didn’t see antoher thread for this lately, so i thought I’d start one…merge mine if there is anothor one I missed!

So, I just founf the Tokyo Drift site on Myspace. I like how a lot of films are doing their official sites on myspace so you can download things straight to your page. This should be rather fun for all the car buffs out there…alhough it isn’t looking to win any big oscars this will still be summer fun…fast cars…high intensity…anyone else gonna check it out?? For sheer entertainment value??
hot $hit


Does no one here like hot girls and fast cars…i think ya do!!! I think ya do!!!

Looks too much like the downtown Chicago sequence of Driven, only more ridiculous.

Not to mention longer.

Why do I want to see this movie? I didn’t see the first two. I don’t like movies like this. Yet I feel an urge to go see it. Are they trying some new experimental crack-via-broadcast-tv thing with the trailer?

The train-wreck quotient is going to be realllllly high on this one.

The first two were non-stop cars, car races, and car wrecks, all three of which I greatly enjoy. I won’t crowd in for this one opening weekend, but I’l probably see it at some point.

Btw, in one of the sequences they’re showing in the previews, they show a Lexus. The funny part? There is no Lexus in Japan. I explained to my BF that the racer imported it, similar to racers here importing Nissan Skylines, but he keeps laughing about it.

the “Poseurmobile” movies like TFATF series are simply wankfests for those spoiled little brats in their cosmetically abused Civics, Eclipses, Neons, Corrolas and <insert generic ECONOMY car here>, they spend more money on useless cosmetic frippery and stickers and think that it makes their car look faster, when it really just looks pathetically, laughably stupid

i have no desire to waste time, money, or brain cells on this cinematic waste of celluoid…

Somehow the trailer reminded me of Karate Kid 2, where Daniel-San inexplicably finds himself in Okinawa with Mister Miyagi, and ends up pissing off all the locals.

I could not have said it better. Where’s that pukey smilie?

Actually, this is no longer the case. The Lexus brand was introduced in Japan in the summer of 2005.

As for TFATF3… I have absolutely no interest. I find it interesting that its another movie taking place in Japan with virtually no Japanese actors, though. Hell, the Asian actors chosen don’t even look Japanese.

While it is totally not targeted at me, I might actually check it out for Lucas Black. He played the uppity Southern marine in Jarhead and deserved an Oscar nod for his work.

It seems kind of weird that they promote it a lot for the drifting concept. They actually go out of their way to mention it in the trailer.

Still, the movie looks like it might be kind of fun if you turn off your brain [feeling guilty for participating in thread shitting]

I’m taking my daughter to see it for her 17th birthday. Not my choice in movies but I’m a good mom.

It’s weird…the only reason I saw the first two movies was because the endless comparisons between this franchise and Initial D (nb.: absolutely no resemblance whatsoever). I found them perfectly entertaining. The thing you have to understand is that they are, at heart, crime stories. Not racing stories. Racing is just the medium. Don’t compare F&F to Days of Thunder or Driven (or anything involving Initial D, of course).

I don’t go to theaters anymore, but I’m picking this up as soon as it goes to video. I don’t give a damn about intentions or what some other moron is going to learn from it (honestly, if I worried about the flippin’ intentions of everything, I wouldn’t be able to use a PS2, let alone live).

I know it’s not real. I don’t want real. I want entertainment. I want action. That’s worth $4.50, right?

Oh… I’m sorry, but all these spurious Initial D comparisons do get tiresome.

I have a hunch you’ll only have a week or two to wait.

Agreed - he was excellent in Jarhead. And the kid’s freaking hot, too, so that doesn’t hurt. Hotness notwithstanding, I doubt I’ll be seeing this one, even if it is unintentionally hysterical.

Gee, now I want to see it just to annoy you.


Initial D the Live Action Movie isn’t bad, though. Picked it up last week, the two-disc special edition.

Fine with me, just make sure you drive to the theater in the proper car for the movie…