Droid Choices on Verizon: X or Incredible

I can get either one with nothing down and a contract commitment.
Which one should I get?

I love my Droid X. My wife loves her HTC Incredible. Given that, I didn’t vote.

My wife prefers her HTC Incredible because the Droid X is too large for her to hold comfortably in her hand and feels like she’s holding a dinner plate up to her head when she’s making phone calls.

I prefer my Droid X because it has has a larger screen (hey, I’m a guy) and comes with Swype standard.

Personally, I like my Droid 2 Global from Verizon. Solid phone.

Incredible, hands down. The X has physical buttons, not capacitive. Ew. I’ve had lots of hands on time with both, and I always come away thinking that HTC is the better build than Motorola. HTC Sense is worth it too. It’s more intuitive with its seven home screens, and I prefer the Sense keyboard over the vanilla Android one.

I would stay away from the newer Motorola Android phones - they have hardware signature checking that doesn’t allow you to root + run custom roms like Cyanogenmod (rooting the stock OS is possible). I believe the HTC phones can all be rooted and run the standard roms like Cyanogenmod and Bugless Beast.
So I voted for the HTC

Those were my two choices when I went in last month and decided to get the Droid 2 Global. I’m very happy.

My SO just got the Incredible. I mostly just steal it to play some Angry Birds. It’s pretty good overall but it has the shortest battery life of any Android. The way my SO uses it, she has to make sure she charges it every night. By the end of the day it doesn’t have any power left… but that’s with a couple hours playing games on her commute every day.

My thread from a month ago about wanting to get the incredible.


I went to the store.
The mechanical keyboards on the Android phones were unusably small.
The Droid X had a substantially bigger screen than the other Androids on Verizon.
Aside from that, no substantial differences between the nicer phones, at least from my perspective,
The 4G phone on Verizon (Thunderbolt) will be too expensive for my taste.
I ordered a Droid X last night.

Charging every night is a good habit anyway.

I have a Droid X but had the same choice you had back when I was shopping for a smart phone (except they weren’t free back then). I went with the Droid X for one main reason:

The bigger screen.

This made browsing the internet and viewing videos a better experience for me and much more importantly, it allowed me to actually use the keyboard with my fat fingers. If you have a hard time typing on phones, I would definitely recommend the Droid X

BTW someone above said it has physical buttons. It doesn’t (other than Power and some menu buttons). I think they were thinking of the Droid and Droid 2.

Unless the phone has been redesigned since the last time I held one, it has physical buttons below the screen. That’s opposed to the Incredible, which has capacitative buttons.

I have nothing but good things to say about HTC phones. My boyfriend has an Incredible and it’s a great device. I used a G1 for two years (and sorely miss it) before switching to an iPhone, which I found to be practically useless. I traded it for an HTC EVO Shift 4G and couldn’t be happier.

I have no experience with the Incredible, but I love my Droid X. Huge screen, but not too big to comfortably hold. Battery life is OK. I use it basically as a computer, a LOT, and have it plugged in a lot. I stream Sirius radio and surf the net simultaneously, which takes a lot of juice.


I’ve got the unit smaller than the X but bigger than the Incredible. Verizon Samsung Fascinate. Beautiful screen on that thing. Better battery life than the Incredible.

I assumed they were talking about a keyboard. As I mentioned, the Droid X has a row of menu buttons, but it seemed to me every smart phone has something like that.

Yeah, I was referring to the four menu/ standard android buttons. On the Incredible, they’re capacitive. I prefer this as it’s essentially and purely a touch screen phone. I don’t use a case, and my Inc is always in my front pocket, so not having to worry about damaging physical buttons is a big plus for me. I have seen those buttons damaged too, so it’s not a hypothetical concern.