Drop-down box over thread titles

Is there a way to prolong the amount of time the drop-down box stays on the screen? I’m talking about when you hover the mouse over the thread title. It seems to disappear pretty quickly. Also, when using IE I can read the entire post this way, but in FireFox I can only read about 10 words before it cuts off. Is this something I can change, and if so do I change it with FireFox or with the SD? I didn’t see anything in the Options of either one.

You mean the tooltip? Just move your mousepointer back and forth over the title text. So long as you don’t stop movement, the tooltip will remain.

That’s not true. At least, not with my system/browser (Win 98 and like I said, FireFox). Even if I move my pointer over the thread title, the dropbox only stays for maybe 5 seconds.

Hmmmm…I use Win98 and Firefox too. Actually, I went ahead and downloaded the entire Mozilla suite. At any rate, I pulled down the “Thread Tools” menu (which is what I guess you’re referring to), went to read my email for a couple of minutes, and the menu was still there when I came back. ::shrug:: I guess it’s your machine.

Mine stays up for 8 seconds. IE6 or Firefox , moving or still pointer. I have WinXP on my computer. :dubious:

[slight hijack] Same area, different problem. Is there a reason that about (it seems) 2% of the thread titles I hover over show nothing?

I realise the ones that have been moved don’t, because they’ve been moved, but sometimes, I just don’t get a preview.

Someone? Anyone?

[/slight hijack]

Appologies to DWD

They’re probably old. The popup preview, it seems, is created when the OP is saved. If the OP was created prior to the launch of the new version of the board, then there isn’t a preview to be displayed.

Thanks. Makes sense.