Dropped shows: do you binge or spread out your consumption?

Again inspired by the DD thread - and I am happy to see that the “clump of episodes” thread approach is so far enjoying some interest - How do most who post here consume the dropped season product (talking about seasons like DD seasons, not three ep ones).

Do most binge? If not what at rate do you tend to consume dropped shows?

Wow, I was unable to decode ANY of that.

Records drop. Shows premiere.

What’s “DD”?

I watch as soon as they appear. Same reason I eat dessert first and started taking Social Security at age 62. You never know.

DD is Daredevil - sorry. A Netflix show in its second season that releases all eps for the season at once. As they did for House of Cards.

Now shows “drop” - i.e. release - whole seasons all at once. Some binge 'em and finish say all 13 episodes (nearly 13 hours of shows) within a few days. Some go more slowly.

Sorry that I expressed it so poorly: the op is asking about how Dopers tend to consume shows that now release entire long seasons all at once, assuming they imbibe those shows at all.

For hour-longs like Daredevil or OITNB I do one a day or so. For sitcoms or half-hours like Angie Tribeca or Kimmy Schmidt, I can go through two or three per day.

We don’t have cable, and even if we did, many of the shows shown in Britain or the US aren’t carried here anyway. So we rely on DVDs. Right now we’re on the second season of Fargo. We will do one or two at a time but don’t have time to watch more than that per sitting. Wish we did though.

We’re also doing Psych and up to season four now. Watch it whenever we get a chance. Can’t say we’ve ever “binged” per se.