So Lost is on Hulu. (Advice please.)

Despite all the good things I’ve heard about this show, I never got in to watching it. Now that it’s on Hulu, I’m willing to give it a try.

I’m not sure I want to commit to a 110 episodes tho’. Is there a good way to get a Reader’'s Digest version to bring me up to date? Or what seasons would you recomend most?

Thanks for any input.

I only recently watched this, via Netflix, and it’s not something you can watch only certain seasons of, or out of order. In fact, unless you’re prepared to commit to all 110 episodes already, I’d recomend against watching it at all - it’s a kind of hellish breadcrumb trail of answers exponentially creating new questions that will quickly turn you into an 8-hour-a-day-Lost-watching drooling addict.

But in a good way.

Unfourtantely, it’s the kind of show, that with a few exceptions, you really need watch every episode for (even if the majority of every episodes is just filler and ammounts to nothing).

With that said, some seasons are definitely better than others, but again, you really have to watch them all.

Season 1 was good. I watched seasons 2 and 3 as well. The show is crap now though.

The only episode which includes absolutely no important plot points is “Expose”, which I believe is Season 3, episode (I think) 14. There are other episodes that can be skipped and you can get the gist from the “Previously on Lost” blurb afterward, but I hesitate to recommend specific ones, because if you skip too many, it builds up.

It’s a fun show, even the skippable (from a series plot point of view) episode that I mentioned earlier. What I’d really recommend is getting up to speed with a quickie recap like this and then watch everything, but if you don’t get it all before season 6 starts, at least you have some idea.

I loved the first season of Lost & liked Season 2. With Seasons 3 & 4, I began missing some shows. But got back on board with Season 5, since I heard the end was in sight.

Ideally, yes, you really should watch every episode in order. At least I suggest you begin with the very first episode & just continue. **Don’t read any summaries or recaps beforehand. **That WTF? feeling was quite endearing–although it never really went away. It’s useful to start learning about the characters from the very beginning–although some will fall by the wayside & others do show up.

When interest flags–or you get distracted by work, sleep, interpersonal relationships or other petty concerns–you could start referring to the many 'net resources. Read the summaries & watch important episodes. (Except that most of them really are important in some ways. Or have funny bits.) Also–by then you may have begun to find certain characters extremely irritating. You might want to skip through shows that concentrate on those irritating characters or relationships.

Watch most of Season 5, to help you get up to speed for the finale.

Now, I’m off to Hulu for a refresher course…

This is what happened to me and I do not recommend it. I didn’t start watching it till mid way through last season. I saw one episode and got sucked into watching from the beginning. I went through the first four season’s in about a week an a half. Do I regret it? Yes. Am I itching for the last season to start? WHY IS IT TAKING SO LOOOONGGG!!!

Start watching the first season from the start.

If you aren’t hooked, you won’t like the series.
If you are hooked, you’ll want to watch each episode.

Lost has a very binary appeal.

Just to be clear, even in the case of the latter, it doesn’t mean you actually think what you’re watching is “good” :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, a worthwhile post indeed. :dubious:
By the way, I recommend watching the entire first season, then deciding what to do. If you like that, I think the rest should be watched too. It did dip a bit in the 3rd year, but did improve a lot in the 4th and 5th(the 3rd year season finale is my fav. episode, by the way).

I’d go for it.

What? He answered the OP’s questions…

Add me to the “Season One or Bust!” crowd. It would be better to be behind (five seasons in a little under a month would be one heck of a committment) than start midway.

Well worth it, though.

Just watch it. I had the same reservations, but friends kept bugging me to watch it and I finally watched it to get them to shut the hell up. I wound up watching all five seasons in about two or three weeks. All I did was eat, sleep, work, and watch Lost.

You will have an advantage over most of us who watched it from the beginning when it first started airing.

After the show hooked millions of viewers, the network decided to fuck with the audience by airing unannounced repeats, going weeks without airing the show at all and finally not starting the series’ new seasons during the traditional September time period.

Because of the huge ratings, advertisers were willing to pay big bucks to air their commercials on the show so money to write and produce new episodes should never have been an issue. If the writers couldn’t come up with new ideas, fire their asses and get new ones! Shows like Lost should have new episodes shown weekly through the entire TV season. The writers of shows like Dallas never seemed to have any problem coming up with new shows week after week.

Anyway you won’t have this problem. Buckle you seat belt. Watch every episode right from the beginning of the series and you’ll have a great ride!

I wish I could erase my memory of Lost so I could do that. I didn’t get into until the second season and I remember watching the entire first season in four very late nights. That was fun.

I’ve watched Lost from the beginning over the summer, hoping that i could catch up in order to start watching season 6 in real time. I would strongly recommend getting a buddy to watch it with you - just like with workouts, they can keep you on track when you don’t feel like doing it; when there are slow or lame moments, you have someone to crack jokes with; and when there are freaking awesome moments, you have someone to crack jokes with.

TV shows come and go, some are good, some suck a lot, and a select few are GREAT.

Amongst those that are GREAT IMO, are Firefly, Arrested Development, and Lost. Each of these shows deserves a watching of every single episode.

That is all.

You just made my head asplode by grouping Lost with Firefly and Arrested Development.

Isn’t the show ending this year? I’d give it a few months and see what people think after they see the ending. I suspect there’s going to be a massive wave of dissapointment in an x-files sort of way. If people still are happy with it after it finishes, then you can grab it on DVD or see it on Hulu. I still watch it, but in part only because I’ve already invested a lot of time into it. I feel toyed with, hooked with a great first season and then just dragged along aimlessly.

Watch it all, episode-by-episode, starting with number one.

Part of me wishes I were in your shoes.

Ooh! Congratulations. If you choose to make the jump into LOST, you are in for an experience. :slight_smile: A great ensemble cast of characters, all with their own backstories and motivations. You’re not going to like all of them, but you’ll probably find at least some of them entertaining. A few (particularly one) nasty villainous characters too. Some romance. Grand sacrifices. Crazy, crazy science. And lots of weird stuff happening!

Contrary to what some people may have indicated, you do get answers to some of the questions along the way. And you get more questions. It definitely keeps you watching. If you get too confused, there’s always the internet.

I second the idea of having a LOST-buddy to watch it with. None of my friends are watching LOST; however, my mom, who came to live with me after her last stroke, is a big fan. So I have someone to talk to and bounce theories with. Her favorite character is Sawyer; mine is Faraday. But you won’t get to him for awhile. :wink:

LOST fan from the start. :smiley: