Official guidance for threads on large dropped shows?

In Cafe Society there is currently a discussion about how the one thread for the whole season is fine for the binge consumers but leaves the slower consumers out and mildly frustrated that they cannot enter without being spoilered until they also finish all 13 eps … which for some of us will take a while.

Has that been an issue for other shows that drop like that?

The best suggestion in the thread IMHO was to make threads for several eps, diving the season into three of four threads. And I’ve started an episode 1 to 4 thread for that purpose and as an experiment to see how it plays out.

But one suspects that some ATMB discussion (not rules, just possible guidance) might be useful … Game of Thrones spoilers it aint but it may be more recurring.

Agreed that etiquette, not rules, are called for here.

I like the structure you’re offering in that linked thread: discussing a clump of episodes seems like a reasonable compromise. If folks want to make the main Daredevil thread useful to us slower readers, they could mention the episode they’re discussing early in their post, so that slowpokes can skip over the posts with spoilers for what we’ve not yet seen.

But even then the risk of spoilers is probably too much, and sticking with the clumped episodes idea is probably the best solution.

It’s come up before, maybe for Orange Is The New Black. I’d think the best way to do it is for one master thread for the whole series for the binge watchers boldly labeled OPEN SPOILERS and another thread for each episode marked NO Spoilers.

Do there really need to be two topics about this?

If you* want to discuss a certain episode and are afraid of being spoiled by the season long thread, either wait until you’ve watched the rest, or make a topic about whatever you want to talk about with a note that you’ve only seen up to whatever ep so no one should talk about anything past that outside of spoiler boxes.

But I suspect the latter will flop if only because people who’ve watched it all will not want to restrain themselves and or will be worried about forgetting what exactly happened in what specific episode.

*general you, not you specifically

The specific DD thread had been in CS and this thread was opened here to discuss the general issue. A mod then decided to move the CS thread here as well. Yes that thread is now only a specific example of what is likely to be a general case.

So far the “clump of episodes” thread approach has not quite flopped.

I am now curious though as to how most consume the class of product and have opened a pollasking that.

If the vast majority binge then your prediction will likely be correct.