Why does Saul get per episode threads, but Daredevil just has one?

It seems strange that Better Call Saul, which is being aired one episode at a time, get a separate thread for each episode, but Daredevil just has one. We don’t all watch at the same rate, and I’d prefer not to be spoiled.

I think it would make more sense to have separate threads for Daredevil.

What do you mean “why”?

You understand, i assume, that this arrangement was not the result of moderator fiat, or specific rules. It’s just how those particular discussions happen to have developed, based on the preferences of the people involved, and the more general inertia that often accompanies this sort of thing.

Historically, on these boards, it often seems to come down to how popular the shows are. Shows that have a large number of fans, and that generate a lot of discussion, often end up with a new thread for each episode. Look at Game of Thrones, or The Walking Dead, or Breaking Bad, as examples.

Shows with fewer viewers often just need a thread per season, or even, in some cases, a thread for the whole show. I was one of the few people around here who was interested enough to talk about Southland, and we only ever had a couple of threads in total about the show. Back when it was fresh and new, Project Runway used to get a new thread for each episode; now it gets one per season.

There is, if you’re interested, a relatively simple way to fix the problem.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, then i suggest you try what i do in Project Runway threads if i’ve fallen behind in my viewing: scroll through the thread looking at the post dates, so that you can read what people have to say about the episodes that you have watched, and don’t get spoilered for the episodes that you haven’t.

Well, it makes sense to do a weekly thread for a weekly show.

If a show drops all at once in the age of binge watching, it does make more sense to do one-thread.
If you started a thread for each episode the first thread would probably do okay, but pretty soon everyone would be skipping the middle episodes threads and then not too long after everyone would only be posting in the finale thread.

I don’t like it either but it makes sense.

I’ve finished the first three episode and would like to talk about them…

Good point. I didn’t realize that Daredevil was an “all at once” show like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Unfortunately, there is no ideal way to sort out threads for these shows, unless you can convince a bunch of like-minded people to all watch the show on a similar schedule. That would actually be sort of cool, You could gather a bunch of people together, and have everyone agree to watch each episode by a certain date, and start a new thread for each episode.

But the fact is that a lot of people like to binge-watch these types of shows, and they’re nearly always going to want a single thread.

Well, no. It makes more sense to have the “bingeable” show in separate threads and the weekly show in one thread. With Better Call Saul most people are watching the same episode on the same day, so there’s no spoilers for most people. Even if you record and watch later you can avoid scrolling past the date the next episode aired. In the case of Dexter there was just one thread for each season.

With shows that get dropped all at once someone who binge watched the first day can (and does) spoil the show for someone who just watches an episode a day. So now I don’t dare open the thread until I’ve watched all of it, and I don’t have time to binge watch it.

And whether I actively participate or not, I’d like to be able to read other peoples thoughts about the episodes after I watch each one, while they’re still fresh in my mind.

Well what the hell do you expect anyone else to do about it?

As I suggested above, if you want a separate thread for each episode, then start a thread for each episode yourself and see if you can get people to participate.

And instead of asking the whole board why the Daredevil discussion is confined to a single thread, why don’t you go in there and talk to the actual people who want to discuss the show, and ask them if they are interested in creating a bunch of one-episode threads for people who would like to discuss the show in that format?

Yes. Open spoilers is the problem with the DD thread. With show like that, we could still do one thread but spoiler boxes should be mandatory. And each spoiler should be labeled as to what episode they are spoiling.

Man, start as many threads as you want, specifying spoilers or not, and you’ll have exactly the number of threads you think appropriate. Then wait to see who shows up to play with you.

Weekly shows give you a week to discuss each episode, per episode threads on binge shows would have very little participation because we’ve already moved on to the next episode.

It’s a much better show.

No solution to offer but in a similar boat. But if the thread is dead by the time I am done watching the season’s eps, oh well.

I made one season thread for Daredevil since it dropped all at once and it would be weird to have 13 Daredevil threads on the front page, with people having to look around for which episode they just saw. A single discussion thread is just fine.

You could have four threads, each covering three episodes. It allows time to catch up, while each won’t be so old as to be inactive a week later.

I’m in the same boat. I’m watching one episode per day, so can’t participate in a thread that may have someone talking about episode 11 on the very first page of it. It’s frustrating and poorly considered.

We all got together in the invisible forum “How can we mess with Doug K?” and came up with this.

Well, I was offering a solution, but if most people think otherwise then like you said, oh well.

Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying. :rolleyes:

Guano’s by 3, or even by 4 and then 5 eps for the last thread, seems to make sense to me … I just finished number 4 and it seems like a good place have a discussion break. Open spoilers only up to that point? Meanwhile I do not enter the extant thread and won’t for quite a while. 13 threads all started at once though? Seems unwieldy and unworkable.

The discussion is more than for DD. It applies to the whole load of whole season dropped at once shows. How has it worked for House of Cards fans? Can there be a standard etiquette for threads that is a compromise for so that the bingers and the somewhat slower entertainment consumers can each be participants in real time discussions?

This may be a bigger issue than Game of Thrones spoilers was and may actually be a ATMB discussion …

It my also depend on interest. Grimm has one thread per season. Most episodes get 5 or so posts, so it doesn’t seem worth it to have a separate thread per episode.


I agree that, in theory, it makes the most sense to have single threads for traditional weekly series (with the exception of those that get a very high number of posts per episode) and separate threads for each episode of a series like Daredevil that drops all at once.

However, for the “drops all at once” series, this is what I’ve observed to happen in practice:

Like others have said, though, there’s nothing stopping you from starting separate episode threads.

I would recommend as someone above did: try episode 1-4,5-8, etc threads. Most people can’t help themselves watching at least a few at a time.

I prefer that as well.

But within a few weeks you’d have someone do a casual spoiler in the wrong episode block because “Ohhh sorry, I forgot that happened in episode 9 not episode 8. My bad.”