Dropping more than the chalupa

Yup, say byebye to this generation’s Spuds Mackenzie. In a move sure to sadden no one (except participants in the burgeoning “Acting chihuahua industry”) the Taco Bell dog has been dropped.

Maybe he got a little too close to the meat grinder.

Mama mia! That’sa Spicy meatball!

::Odieman does a happy dance::

Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!

Free at Last! Thank God Almighty, Free at Last!

(with apologies to MLK)

A remarkable show of good judgment on Taco Bell’s part - unless, of course, this means they have an even more assinine idea waiting in the wings.

That campaign always confused me, anyway. Why would a fast food restaurant, faced daily with “rats in the food” rumors, feature one in it’s advertising? That’s just asking for trouble.

Finally! I can resume my TV watching in peace again. There wasn’t any mention of the rat-dog taking the Dodge guy with him when he leaves, was there?

Paging David Arquette … paging David Arquette …

Now we just have to get rid of the Microsoft Paper Clip and the world will once again be safe.

Normally, I would be happy about this.

But fuck, look at what they’re replacing it with! I’d take that goddamn dog ANY day over “EEEEEEEENCHIRIIIIIITO!” and “Go David, it’s your birthday!”

The current God-awful Taco Bell ads have me pining to see that little Pepsi imp, or some used car salesmen. Compared to that, a little rat dog with a cheezy Mexican accent seems relatively safe.

I’m backing up Drainy on this one.

Yeah, we all go to Taco Bell on our birthdays and sing about the food we’re eating.

Ack, now I got that ditty suck in my head.

Put me on the side of DB and techchick. I’d much rather see the dog.

Is it true that dog won’t be out of work for long, but will show up in this holiday season’s Old Navy ads?

Well, hey, I liked the dog, but maybe it’s just cause of what I do for a living. I have yet to see any of their new ads that everyone is complaining about.

The one that annoys me these days is the Bad Andy…uhh…THING…(mutant teddy bear??) that Domino’s uses.

Ok, I agree that the “Go David, it’s your birthday” has to go. But, I kinda like the “ENCHIIIIIIIRRRRRIIIITOOOO!”

Pelt me with sharp rocks if you must. But I stand up for what I believe in. Word!

This person obviously needs more interaction with real people.

Stand right there Freak.

:: backs up dump truck ::

Yep, just hold still for one more minute.

Stupid people like the dog. Almost 100% of the stupid people in my life coo and caw over any stupid catchphrase they put in that rat’s mouth. So I think it was a poor move on their part. Then, they will probably come out with something just as annoying, as evidenced by the enchirito.

Whoa, I just had a disturbing realization… their food is designed by the marketing department. It has to be, no corporation even goes to take a shit without begging marketing (“Hey! We’re in charge of shit around here!”), so it must have been. They’re the ones that decided they’d fry the Gordita. They came up with and killed the delectable 3 cheese melt. They decide what I eat!

That’s it. I’m making my own three cheese melts tonight. With real cheese. And beans. And grade A meat. Yeah… and I’ll show those Taco Bell marketing people just who they’re messing with! No one shall tell my what to eat anymore!

Do you want Bill’s sperm with that?


Poet - don’t think about it too much. It could drive you mad.

:: ducks & runs ::