dropzone, where are yee

You mentioned it was nice seeing some late night weekenders online. Not having to get up early for church makes Saturday night nice and night owly.
Who else stays up late weekends?

Me, when I’m working weekend nights. Which seems to be a lot lately. When the shift is slow, I spend lots of time here.

What do you do?

I work an 18 hour day on a Saturday, not finishing until Midnight. Doesn’t leave much time for socialising or, well, anything, really. :frowning:

parrot, I’m a medical tech, working in a hospital blood bank. So a slow night is a good night. Because if it gets crazy, I’m all alone to handle it!

Weekend nights here too. Two more days to Friday. :slight_smile:

I’m a night owl by nature and would stay up past midnight every night if I could. On weekends, (Friday and Saturday are our days off here) I stay up very late. Sometimes until 3 or 4.