Drowning Takes Too Long, Let's BBQ the Dog Instead

Two punks burn a dog for “kicks.”

Their reason?

It get’s even better, you see, this isn’t the first time they’ve done something like this.

What does the father think of this? Well, he’s now in jail.

The only good thing is that one of the neighborhood kids tried to save the dog.

Let’s hope these punks get nice long jail times.

And the shit kicked out of them.


Isn’t animal torture how most serial killers get their start?

This is really sad all around. :frowning:

Let’s get this insensitive and predictable shit out of the way right now: The rock in the box: I burning your dog

It worked for Dahmer. 'Course, he started with corpses but still…

Hey, look who’s not surprised! It’s me!


And fuck the person who said to kick the shit out of 'em. That’s a great way to turn an 11 year old into a well human being. :rolleyes:

You think these two little evildoers can be redeemed? I don’t.

Jesus. These kids are the very definition of “sick fuck.”

The 14 year old, almost certainly not. The 11 year old, maybe, if he was just playing sidekick to the 14 y/o for approval.

Nah they are ruined for life, most likely. They’ve forfeited their rights to air as far as I’m concerned.

Me…I’ll just be a little ill for the rest of the day …

it is. and this time, it looks like an actual case has been pitted for a change.

I was going to post this but I get tired of animal cruelty stories coming out around Nashville and the surrounding areas (the cop shooting the family dog, the bastard dropkicking the small dog…)

But I did want to say that I’m very proud of the young man who was brave enough to tell someone that these two older boys were acting so heinously. He tried to stop the evil little fucks and then tried to save the pup’s life. He’s a good kid whose parents should also be commended.

What’s wrong? You don’t know how to type my name or something? I stand by what I said, fuck 'em.

Hate to break it to you, but anyone that does what they did ain’t human, and never will be.

I always get mad when I hear people(hypocrites) go ballistic at news that someone tortured dog,cat or other animal.
You can’t imagine in your wildest dreams what is going on in slaughter plants every second-things that are worst than torture.

Yeah, roasting a puppy is the same as ripping some scallions out of the ground. :rolleyes: x infinity

Today, you’re saying that an 11-year old animal abuser isn’t a human, and deserves to get the shit kicked out of him, and just a couple days ago, you were saying that, if you were an MP in an Iraqi prison, you certainly wouldn’t have degraded the prisoners (who, unless the SPCA is operating in Iraq, were most likely there for commiting crimes that hurt other people).

Personally, I think both of the children who did this are human beings, capable of change, and not deserving of physical abuse. I find the actions of someone like Lynddie England easier to understand (given the environment she was in) then the desire to kick the shit out of a disturbed boy whom you don’t personally know.

A “slaughtering plant” is a place where animals are slaughtered, not plants.

His English is a bit funky, I misunderstood, I stand corrected.

Shhheeesh, fine, fine, I wouldn’t have really kicked the crap out of them anyway. Let’s just say I don’t give a shit if something bad happens to them. Is that ok with you?

I don’t understand the actions of any of those losers.

Man, this doesn’t happen often. I’m at a complete loss for words.