Drudge: Exit polls show big Obama Win


The exit polls also show Obama +15 in PA, and the Dems with 58 Senate seats…

From 538: 10 Reasons You Should Ignore Exit Polls, though I’d say #11 is “They get your hopes up.”

Drudge also has a penchant for distortion and ass-pulling-things-out-of-ing. While I’d like it to be true, and wouldn’t be surprised if there was an iota of truth to it (blind pigs and acorns) I think it much more likely that it’s part of an overall effort to scare out the vote.

They actually do point at Drudge as one of the reasons why those polls should be ignored.

But the thing is that NOBODY got these results until 5pm (because Drudge used to leak them earlier in the day).

Drudge isn’t just making it up. I’ll guess that Obama is overstated in these polls, but he still wins big.

Exit polls cannot be trusted; they’re subject to huge errors. Ignore them. Real results will be along soon.

President Kerry outlawed exit polls as his first act after crushing Bush, did you forget?

More evil doing he’s deliberately trying to mislead people into not voting. The same thing with that asshole Carl Rove.

I remember Drudge calling it for Kerry last time, when the Ohio leaks happened. I’m much more optimistic this time around, but I’m just saying…

Yeah, the way Drudge is going this election season, I’d be more willing to believe that it’s a tight race and he wants the people still waiting in line to go home.