Drug names that sound like comic book characters

Somebody call Superman! Lipitor is on the loose again.

Cymbalta to the rescue!

…accompanied by hydrochlorothiazide!!!

…ok, maybe that one doesn’t work.

Rarr! Mighty Flexeril will rip puny human’s arms off!

Not if Xanax has anything to say about it.

“Librium is here to defend your Freedom!

I always thought it sounded like the name of some red-white-and-blue Captain America ripoff.

Isordil vs Mevacor!

When the mighty Questran tries to take over the town, the call goes out for Crestor!

Xanax would be too mellow to get all worked up about it.

Best leave it to Blephamide.

Viagra is up to no good again. It’ll be hard to stop him.

Yeah, but he’s a little easier to swallow when Ranitidine is by his side.

Amid the chaos, meek and humble Donepezil slips unnoticed into a phonebooth, and out emerges Aricept! Able to leap the Blood-Brain Barrier in a single bound!

Meanwhile, Zaleplon hijacks the Heart of Gold…

I am Valtrex!

Valtrex is as naught before the all-powerful Omnicef!

“Hey guys, are you going out to fight crime?”

“Piss off, Yaz!”

Tremble before the might of…


Pshht. The mighty Effexor will use the might of Trilipix to put the kibosh on him and win the love of the beautiful Orencia!

Zoloft Man versus the Incredible Prozac- a fight for the ages!

Zyrtec will use his powers of hystamania against the evil doings of Lunesta from the planet Ambien!

This looks like a job for Lexapro and his trusty sidekick Abilify.