Drunk History

I’ve caught just about every episode I can of this series, I find it quite entertaining and informative.
Recently I discovered the UK version of the series and I was really surprised how bad it was.
From past experiences, it always seemed like the Americans adaptation of an original UK series ended up in disaster. This is the first time that I can recollect that a British adaptation of an original US series ended up in disaster.
Maybe it’s because the host in the US series, Derek Waters, actually get’s drunk with the storytellers, whereas the host in the UK series just do intros.
I don’t know, but I am really both surprised and disappointed in the UK version.
Anyone else like the series? And what are your thoughts?

I’ve never heard of the Drunk History show, but I do remember a British version of Married With Children starring Russ Abbott that was awful.

I love the u.s. version. but I’ve not seen the u.k. version.

I watch the US series. Some episodes are good, depends on the narrator. They seemed to stick close to the facts early on, as the show has progressed they’ve gone pretty far afield.

They get me to laugh every single time the actor belches because the narrator belches.

I’ve seen the US show. I wasn’t aware that there was a UK version.

I like it. It’s entertaining, surprisingly accurate factually, and presents a heck of a lot more history than pretty much anything on the History Channel these days.

Same. It feels written. I don’t know if that’s true, but it feels like it is.

The addition of animated bits doesn’t help. It’s almost like they’re trying to be a grownup version of Horrible Histories, instead of a British version of Drunk History.

(The Victoria/Albert bit in the episode I caught doesn’t stand up to fact checking as well as most of the American ones*, either. Victoria was certainly the more insatiable of the two, but Albert was hardly an ambiguously gay cold fish.)

  • The one where the storyteller claimed his father was the best con artist in Boston notwithstanding…far as I can tell, that one was made up out of whole cloth.

Yes exactly! On the UK version the narrator occasionally forgets a name and you hear some producer yell out the correct name, it’s obvious the narrator is given a historic event to tell, whereas in the US version, the narrator seems to really know the story s/he is telling. This could be skillful editing as far as I know, but I find it more believable and frankly a lot more funny when it appears the narrator really knows the story.

Great show! One of my favorites. I like to drink and tell stories. Wish I could be on it.