Drunken, obnoxious, Arkansas dopers!

I am now one of you. At least for a few months, if not longer. So…where can I get a cheap draft beer and not be suffocated by cigarette smoke? What’s the smoking/drinking laws here? I’ve found a few awesome divey holes here in fort smith that were ruined by the hellacious smoke clouds.

Also, what are some attractions/activities I should take in while I’m here, besides getting hepped up on goofballs?

Thanks in advance!

I’m surprised they are smoking in bars. Strange. Sorry, ain’t much to do in Arkansas. I pity you. Goofballs may be the way to go.

Still too far away, Faulkner! Come all the way to Virginia, I’ll buy a beer.

It was the way to go in CA too, even though there was plenty to do. But at least I didn’t have to immediately strip down and throw my clothes in the washer every night when I got home from goofballing.


It’s snowing there though, innit? At least there is none of that nonsense here. (Or will there be?) What sort of winter can expect before the humid and hot mosquito summers?

What are you doing in Fort Smith? If I may ask? Feel free to tell me it ain’t none of my business. All the fun is in Little Rock, I guess. Of course the murder rate rivals some way bigger Cities. If you get a chance go to Hot Springs during the live horse racing. That’s a fun time.
ETA racing opens in February.

It’s nunyabidness! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, let’s just say it’s been a confluence of several crappy things. Also my parents are here and I haven’t seen them in too many years.

As someone who has never been to Arkansas, I can recommend these activities as the 22 best things to do in Fort Smith Arkansas. Please report back with acknowledgements/condemnations!

Ha! I already did a handful of those things since I got here on Thursday. Ate at the brewery tonight. Wasn’t bad, and no smoking, but it’s not a cheap divey hole like i want.

I saw the whore house. And one of the parks. And the cemetery. Will probably do the museum next week.

My mom says the trolley museum is overrun with stray/feral cats and cat shit.

Oh, man. You’re gonna be here awhile. I suggest getting a few addictions going, forthwith. You’re not gonna survive otherwise. That list of things to do in Fort Smith put me right to sleep. There’s a reason everyone is crazy here. You’ll figure it out.

Is that reason/addiction meth? Because I’ve already had my run with that. Not sure I could stomach going back to it. We had our fun together, but we parted ways amicably.

Oh, I’m kidding. Arkansas is actually a nice place. The rednecks and drug problems, notwithstanding. Lots of pretty places and scenic byways. I hope you find your dive-y place with no smoking. Gotta be one somewhere up there. I live in the southernmost part of Arkansas and there is no smoking at every place I know of. I don’t frequent bars. I thought they all were smoke free. Mr.Wrekker just lost one his poker buddies due to him wanting to smoke in the room they play poker in at the local joint. And this place is the diviest of dives.

So you’re saying the smoking/drinking laws aren’t statewide? Hmmm…I think I do, now, remember something about dry counties… but that was like 30 yrs ago…

I think you’ll want to avoid dry counties…

That takes no thought at all.

Even in dry counties you can go private clubs and drink. And of course the next county isn’t necessarily dry. It may have changed allover the dry county next to us has become open 2 years ago. I just thought smoking was banned in all restaurants and bars. Jeez. Shows how much I know.

Although born in a Western city, my mother was from near Fort Smith, and before we finally settled in West Texas, we lived in Fort Smith for close to four years, so as to be close to my mother’s family. This was 55-plus years ago, and I was a tyke, so I don’t have any bar recommendations.

Ooooh, I just uncovered a seedy feud between bars here in downtown ft. Smith. Juicy!

Downtown, 1993. I took the future Mrs. Siam Sam to tour Judge Isaac Parker’s courthouse and a renovated, old-timey brothel. (Said brothel a museum piece, no longer active.) That was the last time I was there. My grandmother was still alive back then.

Judge Parker and his courtroom were portrayed in both True Grit films.

There is a pretty good beer hall in Little Rock called the Flying Saucer, there’s also the Clinton Library and that’s about it unless you like fly fishing; Arkansas has world class fly fishing for big trout.