Drunkin Boxing

Remember in the Matrix where Neo was learning all the different martial arts styles? Drunkin (sp?) boxing was one of them. Is this a real fighting style? What’s its angle?

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Huh. And I thought they were referring to bar brawling. Ya learn something new every day. Well, most days, anyway.

About two months ago my girl and I were visiting some friends. Toward the end of the visit I noticed I still had some beer left (about 4 bottles), and since I had to work the next morning and the hostesses don’t usually drink, I took them with me. So I put the beer in my backpack and we took off for the train station. While we were waiting for our train, my girl started to play fight. She started out with light punches but then graduated to kicks and “hy-aahs”. So I kicked into my drunken style. I start out with some controlled stumbling all the while swirling my fists in front of my face. I still had my pack on and decided it needed to come off. But I was in my drunken style, I couldn’t just stop and take it off. So I quickly slid both hands under the straps, and with one swift, smooth motion, I thrust my arms under the straps. Off came the pack…falling about three feet to the concrete floor. While the pack is falling, I’m still in my drunken style mode, until I heard the sound of shattering glass!! At this point my girl is about in hysterics. I opened my pack to find four broken bottles of beer. The beer was about three inches deep in my pack! Anyway, I cleaned it up and to this day there is no beer smell in my pack. I’ve got the drunken part down…now I only have to work on the style!

Watch ‘the Drunken Master’ with Jackie Chan in his(fairly) early days. Great movie.

better yet, watch drunken master II. he does stunts with a flaming hot bar of metal, and it ain’t no special ee-fects.

Legend Of The Drunken Master is being released to theaters in the US soon, but I’m not sure if it’s Drunken Master I or II. Someone who saw the trailer said it’s the second one, though…and in any case, I can’t wait to see it.