Dry Cleaners ruined my shirts

I went to a dry cleaner and gave them 5 shirts. I picked it up a couple days later and they are all stretched out. I have another shirt I didn’t take from the same company and when you overlap that shirt with any of the other ones, you can clearly see there’s a difference. They are all the same fitting. I want to go the small claims court and file a law suit against them. Does anyone know if I should hire a lawyer? Does anyone know if I need to have anything if I go forward with this? I only want the money for the shirts (est. $300).

I assume these were dress shirts.

How on earth do you stretch out a dress shirt?

Judge Pearson can give you some tips…

Have you bothered to take your complaint to the dry cleaner yet?

Spend the money you’d waste on court to instead hire a homeless person to picket their store with a big sign saying they ruined your shirts.

The store may not cave and pay you off to make him go away. But you’ll feel a lot better. Make sure to YouTube it; if it goes viral you’ll really be able to feel smug.

Take them to small claims and like Bill Handel says, hope like hell the judge has had a similar experience with dry cleaners.

OP, good luck. Definitely do it. But you must come back and tell us how it turned out.

Second generation Dry Cleaner owner here. What do you think the dry cleaners did to ruin your shirts besides the regular process of cleaning and pressing them? If your shirts can’t stand up to that it’s the business who sold them to you that should be getting sued. Specially if they charged you 60 dollars for them.

I am not a lawyer, but I watch an unhealthy amount of People’s Court and Judge Judy when I am procrastinating and here’s what I have learned:

If you win, you will not get the cost of buying the shirts new - you will get the depreciated cost of what your shirts would cost to buy now. So if they were bought a year ago, you will get whatever 1 year old dress shirts are worth.

And that is only if you win…is it actually worth it? I would probably just not go to that cleaners again.

Obviously, YMMV and all that…

Congratulations on the sudden weight loss?

Yeah, this doesn’t make sense. What fabric are these shirts made of?

ETA: Is it too soon to start the betting pool on whether the OP will ever be back?

Yes, you should call a lawyer. Shirts are way too important to be handled by Small Claims.

Ask the laundry shop if there is a way to repair the shirts. Shrinkage can sometimes be reversed. Or Google diy tips. “shrunk shirt how to stretch” like here http://lifehacker.com/5921810/fix-a-shrunk-shirt-with-warm-water-and-hair-conditioner

Never mind