Moronic DC Judge wants $54 million-for $75 Pair of pants!

Judge stupid is going ahead with his lawsuit-against 3 poor asian -American drycleaners. he claims they lost his pants-and he wants $54 million! even the bar assoc. 9normally a fan of outrageous lawsuits0 says it is stupid! Question: how does somebody this stupid become a judge? :confused:

I heard Howard Stern talking about this a few weeks ago. The judge really has a hard on for the dry cleaner and if he hasn’t already ruined him financially, he’s well on his way.

A couple tidbits I recall.

The dry cleaner actually just misplaced the pants, but found them and tried to return them. The judge refused to accept them and drop the whole thing.

The dry cleaner has attempted on at least a couple of occassions to settle (for thousands of dollars), but the judge has refused to accept the settlement and drop the whole thing.

The guy sounds crazy, malicious and evil. It sounds like he’s bent on ruining this man, and putting a financial burden on him such that he will never recover.

What a tool.

Maybe someone will come along with some sites. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t another judge dismiss this case?

Link What a jerk. He wanted to wear his pants on his first day on the bench. :dubious:

He wants ten years worth of weekend car rentals to transport his precious pants to another dry cleaners. Damn, those must have been some mighty fine pants.

That judge is going to be really pissed when drycleaning is outsourced to India.

So, obviously, this case will be throw out of court and the presiding judge will chide the plaintiff-judge for being a certified, 5-star asshole, right?.. RIGHT?!?

There’s an annoying ad with sound on the side of that page, so be warned.

The guy freaking cried in court about losing his pants.

The thing is, every other pair of pants hiz honor has ever worn make his ass look big.

Well, he is one giant ass, so I guess that can’t be helped…

Despite all the jokes, this clown is costing the taxpayers $2600/day in court costs. Plus-the poor owners of the dry cleaning shop have to defend themselves against this idiot! What a NICE introduction to the wacky world of american “justice”! Any chance this fool could be disbarred/de-benched, or whatever they do to crooked judges? :smack:

I’m not sure why this thread isn’t in the Pit, but whatever.

There’s a gentleman providing blog updates from the courtroom here. I heard about this months ago and kept expecting the case to be dropped, but apparently this jackass is going to get through this trial afterall.

I hope the judge on the case is only allowing the trial to go forward to provide enough evidence for a victory in the counter-suit.

Sing a song of missed pants, lost at cleaners dry
Four and fifty million because they made him cry
First day on the bench with his trousers gone astray
Oh why did they have to lose those lucky pants that way?
The judge is in his court house listening to him whine
About the guarantee printed on the cleaner’s sign
“It’s all a pack of lies,” says he, “this is not how it goes!”
All the while excising his face that he might spite his nose.

Well, from what I’ve heard, the drycleaner had a sign outside that said “100% Satisfaction Guarenteed” or similar. The man decided that he wouldn’t be satisfied without $54 million. The dry cleaner guarenteed his satisfaction, didn’t they?

This judge really annoys me. Running a small business is hard work with a lot of risks, and you often get the priviledge of working for no pay. Compare that to the income of a judge who also has an excellent pension and almost 100% job security. I hope the judge is censured and publicly humiliated.

There already was one. :wink:

Well *that’s *certainly grounds fora $54 million case if you ask me. :rolleyes: :slight_smile: