Judge Stoopid ($54 million pants) Back in Court!

I thought this moron’s case had been dismissed? But Judge wants his $54 million!
Any idea how much this jackass has cost the taxpayers (and the unfortunate dry cleaning shop owners)?

Didn’t he lose his job because of this case?

Is there a link for this?

Is there a more recent link? Everything I’ve seen says that the dry cleaner won.

Here you go:

Judge Seeks to Revive $54 Million Pants Lawsuit

He’s appealing the dimissal of his case. He’s got a right to appeal. It’s still a surefire loser.

How did this idjit get to be a judge without understanding how the legal system works?

I have seen this story a time or two, and I keep feeling like there has got to be more to it than we are seeing. Like what is the back story here? Is this some racial thing? Who puts that much effort into a pair of freaking pants?

He’s one of those folks who thinks he can extort money from people by filing lawsuits and making them expensive. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/05/02/AR2007050202479.html

He was appointed by a committee.


No, there’s less. There’s far less.