Court rules in favor of Dry Cleaners in $54 Million Pants Lawsuit

Just in. Your thoughts?

My thoughts???

The system works!

Can we get a link? I’d like to know what the prospect of extended appeals might be.

(Other than that, Yes, I’m thrilled to see that this is finally going to end. And the way I believe correct.)

Except for the court costs the dry cleaners had to pay in this ridiculous thing. Unless the moron who sued has to pay those back, I don’t see the system working. Even then, he’s probably damaged their business and they say they may leave the country.

I saw the story on CNN, I’ll try to get a link when it comes up.

Here’s the story on a D.C. tv station website.

So not only does the guy look like a jackass, he also gets to pay money to do it.

OK, so they did get court costs. But I still say the system is broken unless they get to beat Pearson viciously with hammers or something.

…or revoke his right to wear pants.

I say it’s about damn time. The guy is a judge – and a fine walking (albeit pantless) example of the need for tort reform. Of all people he should have understood the frivolity of his suit, much less the ridiculous way in which he stoically dug his hole ever deeper in the courts. Congrats to the dry cleaners. Suck it, Judge.

Personally I think a few hours in the spin cycle would do him a world of good.

Now if he’ll just walk in front of a bus before he can file an appeal my faith in justice will be restored.

They didn’t get lawyer’s fees, though. Here’s hoping the petition for that is approved, too (and that Pierson’s inevitable appeal is thrown out on its ass).

This seems loke the perfect oppurtunity to employ Bob the Angry Flower’s Pants-Pull-Down Machine.

I’m disappointed. I think the court should have found for the plaintiff, and awarded the plaintiff $150 for a new pair of pants. And then promptly fined the plaintiff $150 for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

Can’t award for a frivolous suit if the court found for the plantif. But maybe a US$12K fine for being a world-class boob?

I don’t know how these things work, but I read somewhere his judgeship was about to end, and renewal was not guaranteed. Let’s hope whoever makes the decision takes this lawsuit into account.

Jesus Christ! Suck it up, man!

…by this foolish lawsuit. they had to hire a lawyer, leave their shop, and pay the bills , while judge jackass was making a fool of himself. I hope the Chungs countersue-maybe they could charge Judge Stoopid with “'using the US mail to defraud”-or something like that?

I agree that the Chunks went through a terrible ordeal that they will never be compensated for, unless they launch, win and collect on a countersuit. I believe being awarded court costs is not the same as being paid for one’s actual bills. The court costs are calculated according to a schedule and are often lower than the actual costs. And it doesn’t sound as if the Pearson guy who lost is very solvent. I’m sure he already spent the 1/2 mill in lawyers fees he was going to pay to himself from his planned big win.

Pants Pants Pants Pants
Pants Pants Pants Pants

What keeps our legs all warm and hot?


What prevents a buffalo shot?


What have they got that the plaintiff don’t got?