Dry Ice Bomb theories

watching the news this morning and I see there are more dry ice bombs going off. I am starting to wonder if it might be someone trying to call attention to gaps in our security. Any other theories?


Bored haunted house workers?

“Squeaky” Fromme is free on parole, and as far as I know she has not been shown to be uninvolved in these dastardly deeds. So ima gonna go with Squeaky.

I am talking about the ones going off at the airport the last couple of days.

Me too. Take it from me; Squeaky.

Since it’s dry ice in employee-only areas, I’m going to make the wild leap that it’s an employee with access to dry ice (probably from the food service area or out of cold-item shipments) and who’s being an asshole.

I’m pretty sure that this is it. Look at the recent incident of the kid who managed to get thru security without a ticket and flew from Detroit to Las Vegas.

All these millions of dollars are for the appearance of security. There are so many ways to bypass it that we are incredibly lucky there haven’t been further hijackings.

We computer geeks like to call these measure “security theater”. It looks like security, but it isn’t.

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Alternately, look at the dry ice bomb this summer at Disneyland that turned out to be from a 22-year-old employee.

My theory is, why would a “security theater” crusader use something stupid like dry ice and an empty soda bottle? Wouldn’t a fake bomb that could hurt someone if it was actually activated be much more telling? All the current stunt requires is that an employee get bored and head into their concessions area.

An employee has been arrested.