DSL question

What kind of speed should I be getting with my DSL connection? I tested the speed at DSLReport and got anywhere from 300-500. Are these good or should I be getting a better speed? How do you tweak your computer to get faster downloads? Should I be testing at several different sites? Is it better to test closer or farther away?

Try the follwing link to tweak your PC, also from DSL reports:


You need to know what speeds your ISP and your Telco Co have you configured for.

For example: I am with Qwest as my telco and as my ISP, I am paying for 256/256. They guarantee 80% of the maximum speed I signed up for. I actually get better on the download because they state you can get up to 640. I average 500/210.

Now, I have used DSLReports.com and their tweaks and have not been happy with them and the highest speed with their tweak was in the mid 300 range. I went over to http://www.pcpitstop.com/ which is endorsed by PC Mag and using their tweaks increased my average download speed from 200-300 to the 500 range. The upload didn’t change though.

I had DSLReports test my connection again and it suggested to tweak it back. However, if my speed is testing better with the tweak from PCPitstop, why would I change the settings?

Keep in mind that your speed tests can vary dramatically from one minute to the next due to internet traffic, server load, etc…

BTW, DSLReports is an excellent source for broadband news, reviews and other information and I frequent there a lot. Their tweaks just didn’t work for me.

the best way you can tell is by downloading a file from a source that you know your dsl is the bottleneck. The speed will be in k(bytes)/sec and you dsl is rated in k(bits)/sec.

After a few tweeks I was consistantly getting 60kB/s which works out to 480 kb/s.

After going to xp I now get 70kB/s (560 kb/s).

my connection is 640 but even if I get alll of it some is used for other things (IIRC apx 1/8th is used for maintaining the connection)