DSYoungEsq, must you be an asshole every single time?

as per mod request.

I am all for being an asshole, but knowing how to be an asshole is like knowing how to drink. The trick is knowing when to stop.

I think the only thing more stupid than junior modding is junior admining. Give it a rest. Every single ATMB thread has your stupid “we are not amused” as a second post. Even mods get sick and tired of having you stuck to their asses (might have to do with their mobility)

And if you really must FPB the administration every time, at least have the spine to do it with your own voice. “we”? please. It is stupid when the Queen does it, not for a minute think you are doing a better job of it.

Jesus, you started a Pit thread over that?

Not only is that lame, but you come off as more of an asshole than DSYoungEsq in that thread. In his place, i might not have used the term “we,” but it’s perfectly clear from his post that he’s speaking in a general way about the SDMB, and not as a mod or admin.

Tempest in a teapot. Outrage failure imminent.

Nah, no tempest, no outrage. This post should have been in that other thread, but the rules don’t allow it, so opening a pit thread is the only way to say it without getting mod warnings. Maybe this is what minirants are about, but I have never posted there so I am not familiar with the house rules.


Just passing through and thought I’d agree that he really is quite often a dick in ATMB.


And he says “y’all” too often.

and he smells of fat women

When you’re always the smartest guy in the room it’s hard not be a dick sometimes.

FWIW, Sapo, I agree with you. Matter of fact, I was about to report another one of the ATMB posts until I realized the examples I sought spanned several threads and already had the attention of the mods.

We do not find this thread to be in particularly good taste.

True. What he does when he’s alone is nobody’s business.

BE a dick. BE. BE.

There’s not “at” at the end.

I know I’m really tired, but what in the world does this mean?

I tried to parse it a couple times but gave up. Out of context, it just sounds weirdly funny. In context, it doesn’t make sense. Could someone translate please?

Oh yeah, and as to the OP, that whole “we” thing really is past annoying. I agree with the Pitting about that, although granted it’s not rage-worthy.

“Beat a dick” instead of “be a dick”. Laugh away.

By the way, has anyone considered a politics forum? It might be worthwhile.

Ahh, thanks, I’ll take a pass.

But thanks for the translation. That was way too subtle for me.

What a novel idea! You might want to mention that in ATMB. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, what a wasted pit. DSYoung is one of the most skippable posters around–you’ll get more value out of any thread that he’s in skipping his posts than by reading them–but this pit makes him look like the good guy. Save up your outrage, Sapo, for a truly worthy pit. We both know it will come.

Yes we have, and no we didn’t think it was

I am not in the habit of reading usernames while reading a post, but you are right, just his username makes me puke a little. How pompous must one be to use initials and titles in a username? My brain automatically adds a silent TUR before his name.

Anyhow, what I find funny about the whole business is that in one of the recent threads, someone responded with the usual “we have done this before” and the second post in that other thread was from, you guessed it.

Anyways, carry on having fun. We generously grant permission.

The really funny part is I think he has admitted that he is not a lawyer. Technically a law degree (if he has one) does not entitle one to use Esq., that is reserved to people admitted to a state Bar to practice law. A law school grad is merely a JD or LLM but not Esq.

I agree that this thread is appropriate, why the fuck do people think you have to be raging with the fury of a thousand suns to post a pit thread? Your comment was not appropriate in that thread so you said it here. Big deal. Rock on, Sapo.
ETA: Not saying he should not use whatever screen name he wants or that somebody should be prohibited from putting Esq. after their name if they want to, just that it is pompous to do it on a message board, especially when you are not a lawyer. I guess it would be even more ridiculous if you actually were a lawyer, notice none of the real lawyers do it?