Dubbed adverts: Gets on my LAST nerve!

Has anyone seen those adverts that you know have been dubbed?

Why don’t they just do it in the original voices?

I’m talking about dubbing of adverts in english speaking countries which are english anyway!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

A lot of the stuff you see on TV and in the theaters is dubbed, you’re only noticing the ones where it’s done poorly. It’s usually done because there was too much background noise where ever they were filming, and it was drowning out the dialogue, or was inappropriate for the scene, such as background freeway noise in a scene set in the fifteenth century.

They are doing that alot here in Australia since they lifted the ban on American ads being used. They dub the ads so we think it is an Australian kid in his tux Febreezing his pick up truck. Yeah, right.

Highlight for me is when those two women from the TV show The Mommies (which ran here as The Mummies stupidly) advertised some dishwashing detergent they gave them different voices with Aussie accents. Hello, we know what they sound like! Swiffer is the latest one making me cringe as well as one featuring a bunch of women staring into a clearly non-australian toilet talking about never having to brush it.
It never works right so I have no idea why they bother.

Ah, well, if what Garibaldi is talking about is also what Farkle is talking about, then Garibaldi is right: that is stupid.

BTW, I used to have a dog named Farkle. He was Pyrenese, which is basically a woolly mammoth with a taste for dog biscuits. I’m talking about a lot of fur, here; more fur than dog. Farkle died about ten years ago and I’m still finding his hair around the house. And I’ve moved since he died.

UGH yes these stupid Subway commercials are playing and at the end of each one there’s some cute Subway girl talking about how great their newest bread is, and it’s so obviously dubbed it blows my mind. Look, as long as you have an attractive woman saying the lines we’ll assume her voice is attractive. We males anyway.

she is the only reason i am interested in watching the whole commercial… sad really, but thats the teen male sex drive for ya.

uh…what does an Australian toilet look like?
Admittedly ignorant of foreign bathroom fixtures,

Bolding is mine.

Ban an american ads?

damn coding

Slightly different shape, narrower at the base, much less water in the bowl. When I got off the plane in LA I actually checked about 5 stalls before realising they weren’t all blocked! Hard to see really but here are some of the latest aussie dunny* designs

World Eater, until relatively recently, if you wished to advertise a product on TV that ad had to be made here. So we would have our own versions of Swiffer and Febreeze ads, now they just redub the American ones as well as European car ads etc. I think it is a pity, not so much for the chardonnay swilling ad execs who are now out of work but because I think a society is well reflected in how it tries to sell things to itself. I know when I saw world’s funniest commercials or some such rot in the US a surprising proportion of the ads were Australian and really did reflect our humour and way of being in the world and made me terribly homesick. Advertising is one of the things that we did very well along with children’s television and some forms of drama. We can’t make sit-coms though, aussie humour does not fit the format.

*dunny = oz slang for toilet