Why did they change that Foster’s commercial?

You know the one. A groom is searching in the icy waters for a Foster’s when his bride plunges her face in and comes up with one. The original caption read, “Keeper,” which usually cracked me up.

Then it came back with a new punchline, “Devotion,” which has never moved me to laugh.

So why’d they do it? It certainly doesn’t seem funnier, and it loses that goofy Aussie edge to it. I’m thinking that either people didn’t get it or women were offended. Any insights? And I’m right about the first and non-PC line being funnier, right?

No, the one that says “Keeper” features a woman who pours the last of her Foster’s into her date’s glass and then crushes the can on her forehead. “Shall we go?” she says.

“Absolutely,” he responds, with a look of naked admiration.

<nods in agreement with Chef Troy>

And, on a personal note, I’d do either one of those Sheilas.

It makes sense too. If the guy has already married this woman, “keeper” is kind of redundant. But “devotion” shows she’ll be a great wife for the rest of their days. In the one with the two people at the bar, they don’t really know each other, so “keeper” makes sense- now that he realizes her attitude toward…er, beer forehead crushing, he knows enough to go off with her. Or perhaps I’m overanalyzing here…

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Maine, France?

Aww! We don’t get Fosters ads down here. Tell me: do the actors in these gems have more-Aussie-than-Aussie-accents? I love that!

And tough as nails too. Some guy throws something (a rock? a clock?) through a window and hits this guy in the head who’s sleeping in bed. “Alarm clock.” And about a hundred other ones.