DubDope2000, Mission: Intoxicable

We Came, We saw, We got drunk (well, me and Fretful did anyway)
I made my way to the meeting place on time, not knowing who to look for. So, as a result, I was standing within 3 feet of Ruadh and Fretful Porpentine for about 10 minutes.

Eventually, Ruadh came over to me, as it was pretty obvious that I was waiting for someone.

Then Wendy (ruadh) saw Nora (fretful porpentine) and called her over, quick introductions were made, and a short conversation about how we got there ensued.
And then, as if by magic, Yojimbo, (Peter) appeared.

And he was just as he described, Tall, bearded and thirsty looking.

Again, quick introductions were made and off we went.
We were undecided as to where to go, but a quick decision to get alcohol was made and off to one of the Best pubs in Dublin, O’Neills.

After a few brief examples of the traffic in Dublin, we had made our way to the bacchaus, and a table was made and the rounds had started.

Among the topics Discussed:
How we found the Board
IS there a Cecil.
The different pronounciations of Cecil.
Trolls we knew and Loved.
A quick explination to Yojimbo of “Melingate” and “The Phaedeybucks concern.”
How easy it is to be out of your depth in GD.
The Strangest places we have been to.
Education systems in Ireland and the States.
Which posters we wish to meet. (and yes, Coldfire, you were mentioned!!! :smiley: )
The current situation in the North (a quick conversation!!).
Glasgow Celtic.
Guinness (inevitably!!)

Several rounds later, (including one ordered in my name while I was at the Bathroom!!!) and last orders were served and drank.
We left O’Neills and went looking for a late bar. (for more alcohol). We went to Hogans, which serves a late pint, via a toilet stop in a Chip Shop, during which we had to buy food.
Once in the pub, Yojimbo bought a round of strange coktails in honor of Democritus, which were drank quickly.

As I was at this stage, very tired (read: Drunk), I decided to stop drinking as I had an interview for a radio station in the morning,(BTW, I got it!! I’m a DJ!!! Yay!!).
We finished up at about 1.30 and made our way home. Numbers were exchanged, and future plans were made. me and Nora shared a taxi home, as her hostel was on the way to my house. Ruadh left and Yojimbo dissappeared “to meet a friend”, but I suspect there was a strip club involved!! j/k!!)

Let me be the first to say how much it rocked. It kicked more ass than a 4 legged man in an ass kicking contest.
There were photos taken, and Hopefully Wendy will post all the pictures!
(Believe me, Guys, ruadh is a fox. totally!Move over Shayna! we have a new prom queen!!)
Nora, who is one off the coolest people I have ever met, and a cutie to boot! Is touring Europe and has my total respect for being able to do something that I couldnt!!)

As for Yojimbo, we’re going to have to consume very large quantities of alcohol some night, to settle our arguement about Seinfeld or Fraiser.

So to all, Thanks guys, I had a total blast and cant wait for the next one!!


Congrats on the DJ job. Now you can play all the “Bros” snogs you love . :slight_smile:

What is with the descriptions of me coming and going as if I was “The Shadow” . Ruadh says basically the same thing ( http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=27069 ) .

I thought I was to big to just appear or disappear .
It was a good night and as I mentioned on the night the next one could me out in mine . How’s a drunken viewing of the film " Manufacturing Consent " , I was banging on about sound .

Oh , hello I see my manager coming in my direction , talk to ya later …

Oh God , SONGS not SNOGS , I swear that wasn’t Fruedian . :o

I should have looked for the other thread!!!

Ack, Barbie Dolls heads… I had forgotten about that…

And Yojimbo, I’ll dedicate Glem Maderos’ “Nothings gonna change my love for you”
Just for you… :smiley:

Nothing will John , nothing will … :smiley:

Aw, John, you’re making me blush :o. Congrats on getting the job! (And thanks for the very, um, original version of Hamlet.)

BTW, thanks for all the beer, guys – forgot to say that in the other thread. If any of you ever come to North Carolina, I am definitely going to repay you to the fullest extent of my ability.

Hey Nora , how’s it going ? Where are you now ?

And John’s descripton of the two girls is very accurate . Not only where you great company but also an ego boost to just sit with . :slight_smile:

erm, you can include me in that list … definitely.

I looked at my camera today and somehow it appears 16 pictures were taken ??? I can recall 3 or 4 … can’t wait to get them developed. Of course, I may not be able to allow anyone else on the SDMB to see the ones with me in them - now that John’s given all the male dopers the wrong expectation of me :slight_smile:

And congratulations again on the job DJ John!!

NY-Dublin connection.

You were getting drunk while we were getting drunk. We Dopers must be cybersymbionic. And it wasn’t even St. Patrick’s Day!

P.S. Our bathrooms were better than some apartments, plus they spoke to us!

How were the Dublin bathrooms?

The ones in the bars where fine but as to the one in the chip shop well lets just say it wasn’t talking .

I’ve never been in a loo that talked . What was it "Thank you , come again " or "Missing , you already " ? :slight_smile:

It said “The invisible man here.” I kid you not! Imagine pulling down your knickers and hearing someone say that. He said more, but I was to disconcerted to listen.

He may have said something different in the men’s room.

Are you sure you where just drinking ?

And was the voice Claude Rains or David McCallum ?

Well, I was just drinking, but other people heard it too.
They were drinking also. But, I swear the invisible man was with us, right there, in the toilet.

I don’t know whether it was Claude or David. He was invisible, see? Or not. Whatever.

kudos on the title of the thread. sounds like you fellas had a good time. was there any puke?

No puke ( well not that I know of ) . Just good craic .

Where was this toilet? My sister’s in NY at the moment and I’m sure she’d like to take it in with the rest of the tourist traps .

the toilet’s in Antarctica, a bar on Hudson and Spring St.

there’s only bad crack in the US, no good craic. :smiley:

i love that one.

i have no comment on the voices heard by some in the lavatory. and no, i only blew up the toilets in 3rd grade, not there.

Alright, I may have been drunk, but I sure as hell would have noticed an invisible voice talking to me in the little girl’s room. I believe the whole “voice heard on high” incident happened wherever the Brooklynites (Brooklyntonians?) met pre-Herban Kitchen.

Antartica had the toilets that were bolted to the floor. Toilet theft: the next great challenge to face New York. Herban Kitchen had the bathroom with fresh flowers and stenciling on the sink. There. Now you have the Doperfest Tour of New York Bathrooms.

and the Herban Kitchen bathrooms were also scented. You would think somebody plopped a toilet by an Oak Tree somewhere out in a forest with a sink next to it. Very nice 'n purty.