Dublin (not california): anyone for a pint?

Any Dublin dopers want to get together for a few beers? Might be too late to organise for this weekend, but how about during the week? Go on, you know you want to!

Sat. works for me.


How about Saturday night? I’m pretty sure we can get everyone together. Ruadh? you up for it? see? those Dublin California Dopers don’t know what hit 'em. :wink:

That was close. This thread was about to fall off the bottom of the page unanswered. I was beginning to think nobody was interested in having a drink.

One thing: if you do take this to email don’t use the address in my profile as I don’t read it at home. Use dandy@clubi.ie instead. But if not enough people see this in time, we should put it off to next week.

Somebody better arrange something as myself and ToF will be out of contact as of 5:30pm

My mob 087-2811678

I might be able to do it Saturday night, or meet for a Sunday afternoon seisiun. Can’t really make any plans at the moment though, 'cause I’m sick :frowning:

Sorry you’re not well ruadh. I think maybe we should leave it until next week. Let me know what you think, and I’ll call Yojimbo tomorrow and let him know.

Next weekend would be great, well, next Friday night would be great.

Okay, it’s officially postponed to next Friday (Feb 9). See you then.

Just giving this a bump for the other Dubliners. Friday night work for everyone? How does The Duke sound?

David Bowie sounds very well thank you. I recommend …hours but you just cant beat the best of 69-74 to set the mood.

ah… ashes to ashes, funk to funky…

The duke next Friday sounds great.


Unfortunately my cold has returned with a vengeance today :frowning: But hopefully if I just stay in bed all week I’ll be able to go out Friday …

Would anyone be up for going to see Ulysses in the IFC?

After 33 years banned, it has finally been released.

My excuse for not reading the book “i.e. I’m waiting for the film” is no longer valid, now :frowning:

so, anyone else fancy being utterly confused for 2 hours?

I’d be into that.

Yeah me too. So the plan is, go to the cinema after work and then on to the pub? That’s fine. You’ll recognise me: I’ll be the one who’s totally overdressed for an evening’s drinking.

Has your company not heard of Casual Fridays, hibernicus? Poor thing.

Just looked at the IFC website and there are two showings on Friday evening, at 6.10 and 8.30. Either works for me.

I vote for 6.10, if everyone can make it for that time. Otherwise 8.30 would be fine. Would anyone be interested in getting something to eat before/after the film?

I like a little food now and then.

Where the hell is everyone, anyway?

eating afterwards sounds cool. Friday evening, Food, drink and James Joyce’s black and while low budget soft porn.
what more can you want?