Ducks into necrophilia-who ever whould have known?

According to this Dutch researcher ducks are into some behaviors that could cause Daffy to exclaim, “Thath desthpiccable!” :wink:

So… How about 'them Mets, huh?


I was hoping this was about Duck Duck Goose.

Well, DreadCthulhu could have known about this, over a year ago.

This bit from the article is incorrect:

Necrophila in the animal world is well known, and even has a name: Davian behavior"

As I posted in the earlier thread:

Doesn’t surprise me. I posted a GQ about a year ago about “Male Mallards: Nature’s Violent Sex Offenders?”

From a scientific viewpoint, I don’t see how this is newsworthy. Males of many species will attempt to mate with anything that roughly fits their criteria (size, shape, and sometimes color). If the potential mate doesn’t attack or throw them, they’ll mate with it.

I can never remember the name, but there’s a species of orchid which mimics the female of a certain wasp species. Males mating with the flowers pollinate the plants.