Duck's speed

How fast do ducks waddle and/or swim?

African or European?

er… I don’t know Is picked up by a misterious force and thrown in to a DEEP chasm aahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
actually i was thinking about the mallard duck

Well, if thrown head first into a DEEP chasm, I’d guess that the duck would, ah, quack up.

While we’re at it, how fast does sh*t go through a goose?

Waddle asks: How fast do ducks waddle and/or swim?

Perhaps this will help:
I have kept ducks for several years, and have observed their
instinctual & learned behaviours closely - they are fascinating!

This refers to domestic varieties which are all (I am told)
descended from the mallard which is the European(?) wild duck,
(except Indian Runners which are quite different, with a tall,
thin, upright posture.)

I cannot give speeds in numbers, but comparatively:

  • Normal waddle: slow human walking speed.
  • Alarmed run on dry land (those who cannot fly):
    a much faster waddle, aided by wings, as fast as I can run.
    (BTW being a nerdy-ould-phart I ain’t no athlete)
  • Some domestic ducks can fly a few dozen meters, especially the
    lighter varieties and males (drakes)–who have a better strength
    to weight ratio because they don’t have eggs forming inside.
    Domestic drakes cannot fly nearly as fast or far as wild ducks,
    but much better than domestic chickens.
  • Normal swim: as fast as I can walk, slower than I run.
  • Alarmed swim: looks faster than I can run. This is like a
    combination of swimming, flying, and running on the water surface,
    ie they paddle real fast and flap their wings for extra forwards
    force and to stay higher out of the water. This also confuses
    any pursuer as the flock scatters with much splashing.
  • They can swim totally under water for a couple of minutes -
    until you wonder “will it ever surface?”

Extra info:
To see them at their best, they need a large pond or a dam. Ducks are
water birds (duh) so it seems cruel to keep them in a dry farmyard.

Because of their better speed in/on water and clumsiness
on land they observably only feel secure on or near their pond:
When scared (but not yet panicked into flight) by other creatures
(middle-distant dogs, unfamiliar humans etc.) they always stay on
or very close to the water. It’s almost impossible to get between
them and their pond.

From anecdotal evidence, many (perhaps most) pet ducks die from
inexperienced, though well-meaning, human stewardship.

If you want to know more about domestic ducks, do ask. I’m not a
professional or academic expert but a long-time, fascinated,
sort-of-scientific observer.

Love your chosen name, Waddle!

“unnameable” (Alan actually but don’t tell anyone)


Lol, waddle is a play on my last name (waddle) but, wtf does how fast sh*t running thru a goose have to do with ducks?

How does a duck know what direction South is, and how to tell his wife from all the other ducks?