DUCTape and Cover

Howdy folks! Good to be back with you. I’m just overjoyed to see my old campaign from the 50s resurrected in a new form, right here in the 21st century.
Back when I made the rather cute (if I say so myself) “Duck and Cover” cartoon, to help all you people survive the Soviet nuclear threat during the Cold War, I never imagined we’d be around to deal with this terrible biological & chemical weapons threat fifty years later.
Fortunately, with the fabulous modern technology available to us in 2003, the level of personal protection available is far superior to my old-fashioned bomb proof Turtle shell. From what I’ve heard, the adhesive qualities and sealing power of DUCTape are spectacular, and will apparently enable you to emerge unscathed from an attack by applying it (along with some plastic sheeting, of course) to your basement windows.
I did read a somewhat unkind spoof of “Duck and Cover” that asked a question to the effect; “Can you believe how naïve those people were back in the 50s – how could they have possibly believed the obvious lies the Government made Bert tell?” Well OK, with a lot of hindsight perhaps we were a bit more trusting of the official line in those times, but I’m so glad to be here to witness the huge progress in public awareness that we’ve made in the intervening 50 years.

Personally, I think the reason behind the whole terror alert system and duct tape is twofold. One, to give people a sense of there is something, anything they can do to make themselves safer (like Duck and Cover in the 50’s). And two, so that when the terrorists do hit us again they can say we were forewarned. But won’t it be embarrassing for Bush and Tom Ridge if 9.11 part two happens while we’re at code yellow.

Is there anything more telling than the fact that our new $40 billion Homeland Security cabinet’s major initiative so far has been a website called www.Ready.gov. It’s like the government is telling us we have no other alterative but to swing a baseball bat at a hornets nest, so everyone should get ready to be stung.

Judging from the minimal response to this post so far, I’d say we’re safe and secure - hurrah! Almost nobody apparently finds anything peculiar or disturbing about the “adhesive tape rush”, (which I personally find comforting and familiar), in fact almost the happy way things were when we made D & C.

After a little research, for those who are interested, I found a reference to “Protect and Survive”, a British publication Nationally distributed during the 70s. It apparently advocated, amongst other precautions, the technique of painting your house windows white to reduce the thermal blast from an atomic bomb. Perhaps the same technique also deflects Anthrax? I hope so, I’ve already ventured outside and now have a gleaming white shell. I feel safer already.

Just have some fun with it.

I’m impressed! I hope there’s enough left in the stores to go around this year.