We are NOT going to die!

Okay. The title is inaccurate. We are going to die, all of us, eventually. I accept that. But let me state something I’m pretty damn sure of: if there is some sort of biological/chemical attack on the US, it will NOT be on a suburb in New Jersey (and sure as hell not on a shitty high school in said suburb), and locking up the doors and hiding in ‘low-ventilation’ areas isn’t gonna save you.

AFAIK, the cold war ended, umm…forty some years ago? Jesus, if someone DOES realease, like, smallpox into the philly region, we’re not going to know right away. So when we find out, let’s go hide in the wrestling room or the old auditorium or the new science labs which aren’t, like, held together by masking tape? IT WILL NOT HELP. Having a guidance counselor available to talk about our feelings WILL NOT HELP. Taking up half of first period tomorrow when I COULD be being productive, since I have over a hundred pages of art research due in, like, a month which I cannot get an extension on (damn external assesments…), I really, REALLY don’t want to waste half of art class to reinvent cold-war ‘kiss your ass goodbye’ drills.

Grrrr. Your job as the school is to TEACH us. NOT to fill the idiotic masses with even more baseless fears than are already out there. :mad:

[ nitpick ] The cold war ended shortly after you were born. [ /nitpick ]

(I agree that most of the current hoopla–including Bush contradicting his own security czar–are of the same quality as the old “duck and cover” films.)

That was probably hyperbole, tom~.

Duct Tape and Cover!

I live in NJ. I don’t even know where the high school in this city is. Now, where’s my shovel?

Well, maybe you don’t think it’s worthwhile but I certainly do! I’m going to tie a plastic bag around my head myself–that’ll keep away all those toxic chemicals and nasty bugs!

Half measures like that aren’t going to do anything. I suggest you follow my lead, and epoxy all your orifices shut.

Done! Bring it on Osama–Wabbit is ready!

I was driving in town yesterday with a friend. This is a small Canadian city (about 4000 people). It’s out in the middle of nowhere. At exactly 7 pm we heard this blaring siren thing. I had no idea what it was, turns out the city was doing a test of our “emergency system”.

Yeah, I think that was a usefull thing alright.

And I live in a small town here in Ohio where we test our emergency siren every Monday morning. But when it went off on November 10, 2002 at about 3 in the afternoon, it was telling us about the F4 tornado that was heading toward the town. That is why small towns have those sirens.

Speak for yourself, mortal!!

My personal favorite part of the whole ‘terrorist attack home defence plan’ is if you do it correctly you will end up killing your family :slight_smile:

The only way to keep those nasty chemical and biological agents out of your home is to seal it off completely.

Which is a problem for air breathing organisms.

Just think if you had bean burritos! :frowning:

I couln’t help but think of this.

When I find that cabal of vampires to turn me into a child of the night, I shall surely laugh when all of you are turned to dust!


Mental note: Invite Esprix over after investing in powerful UV lights for my apt.

So, we had our drill today.

Picture this: first period on the first full day of school in over a week (THANK YOU, SNOW GODS!!!) Four hundred students in my designated ‘safe area’. The supervisor who was supposed to be in charge did not show up.

There were DEFINITELY some bodily orifices I’d have LOVED to epoxy shut. Not mine (other than maybe my ears…)

Anyway, NinjaDad shared an amusing anecdote last night about how he had duck-and-cover drills in elementary school. NinjaDad grew up in Maryland, about…ten-fifteen minutes from DC. NinjaDad has a vintage map from a newspaper showing how, in the ‘best case’ scenario involving a nuclear bomb in DC (admittedly, a prime target), the vaporization zone would extend about a mile past his school.

Yeah, so that would have helped, just like our drills…:rolleyes:

Hell, I live a few hundred yards from one of Saddam’s favorite targets - the Kiryah or IDF command - and all I have is a government-issued gas mask and some bottled water. Duct tape? Plastic? That was old back in '91.

I also ride the bus, eat in restaurant and shop in malls. So there.

THE GREAT CTHULHU does not fear terrorist attacks. Even if a nuke goes off, scifi movies have taught THE GREAT CTHULHU that the radiation will just make me even bigger than I am now.

THE GREAT CTHULHU does not fear terrorist attacks. Even if a nuke goes off, scifi movies have taught THE GREAT CTHULHU that the radiation will just make me into a horrible monster, which THE GREAT CTHULHU already is.

Is the double-yet-altered post a byproduct of the radiation, mayhaps? :wink: