Dude, your nipples are showing

Female. I cannot stand seeing a shirt of such thin fabric on a man that nips show. Better quality polo shirts.

I have darkish nipples, and I noticed they were clearly distinguishable through a summer-weight dress shirt. I have always been very self-conscious about the appearance of my chest, and that basically ended the wearing of such shirts without an undershirt for me.
However, I have never seen a polo shirt that thin, and so I suspect that nobody else will notice the nipples that are obvious to you.

You could ponder nipple removal surgery.


I feel the need to clarify. I have never encountered anyone who objected to my nipples making their presence known, nor am I particularly worried that that may happen (despite my thread title); I just want to know if this would generally be considered a societal/workplace faux pas.

I always wear an white undershirt with any polo-type knit shirt or button-up shirts of any kind.

I also prefer Hanes because their collars lay flat and don’t stretch as bad as most other brands.

If it’s hot enough to wear a short-sleeved shirt, it’s too hot to wear an undershirt. It completely defeats the purpose of a short-sleeved shirt.

I think I have the solution the OP’s problem. Pocket t-shirts. One will complete hide one nipple plus add some convenient storage space. It should also help make the other one less noticeable. All I wear are pocket t’s - with cargo pants or shorts depending on the season. I hate carrying any kind of bag/pack with me but I get the DT’s if I don’t have my stuff with me.

I think they’re really comfortable too since I only get either 100% or at least 80% cotton. But an even better solution would be something like this or this.

This. If you catch somebody staring at them when you walk into a cool room, you can say “My face is up here.”

Or you can leer, pause and in your sexy voice say ‘Yeah . . . you want some of that don’t you?’ :smiley:

Why not wear a bra?

Good question. But again, I didn’t ask. Maybe she was just trying to draw attention to her wares. If so, it did work, as me and my buddy were discussing her breasts and the nipple bandages for quite a while.

While gently caressing your nipples to a rock-like hardness.

Incidentally, I like having Siam Sam on the dope. Where he lives is both literally and metaphorically on the other end of the world from where I live.

So do I, but I don’t wear another one under it.

As far as that woman and her nipple “bandages” this reminds me of something my busty ex-GF bought and wore when she dressed up and the dress wasn’t made to go with a bra. This was around 15 years ago, and they were just normal things sold in the ladies department of a clothing store.

I’ve seen little nipple cups used for that purpose. This seemed to be an actual bandage. Rectangular, white. And the thing is the top was so tight and somewhat sheer, you could pretty much see all her breasts anyway. Seemed odd to hide the nipples alone.

I just had to share this video clip…the funny (relevant) part is just 0:17 into the clip-

Shirts and his nipples

This is why I don’t wear my silver moisture-wicking T-shirt.

Every time I see “mmm” at the end of a post I imagine the poster really enjoying his post.

Duct tape.

And if you screw up the project? Rrrrrrrrriiiippp…!

I’ve never thought about my nipples showing. Never. I have one nipple pierced, don’t even own an “undershirt” (nor would I wanna wear one), and I guess I just don’t “get it”.

Maybe the bar girl had bandages because of nipple surgery?

As for the underlying issue- I can’t imagine wearing a polo shirt without a cotton t shirt under it.
Not for nipple smoothing but for sweat wicking. Polo shirts make me icky.