Male Dopers: Do You Wear Undershirts When Wearing Suits?

When wearing a formal suit, do you wear an undershirt under your dress shirt. I’m curious because I don’t when dressed formally and seeing that many others do wear undershirts, it feels me feeling somewhat embarassed/ignorant. What is the traditional approach here?

An undershirt can soak up sweat instead of the dress shirt. People used to change undershirts everyday and dress shirts every few days from what I understand.

Since I don’t sweat much and have found laundry detergent that’s easy on dress shirts, I’d only wear an undershirt if it was cold.

I guess it once was the traditional approach to wear an undershirt but it’s really not that big a deal not to wear one. It’s down to personal preference and climate now.

“Other”; I haven’t dressed formally since going to a funeral as a kid. I think that I wore an undershirt then, but it’s way too long ago to be sure.

‘Other’ I rarely dress formally. If I have to (dress formally), then the weather would be a determining factor.
Yes, if it’s hot and I anticipate getting sweatty. No, if the weather is cool.

Undershirt always, under a dress shirt or really any long sleeve button down, for me. I don’t wear an undershirt under a polo, nor under a casual short sleeve button down, but a lot of guys do. If you’re going to keep your suit coat on it probably doesn’t matter, but I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a dress shirt only, sans undershirt.

I would not be comfortable for several reasons:

  1. Nipples showing
  2. Bodyhair showing
  3. Looks less sleek to me. I realize this might seem counterintuitive to many.

I am in the camp of always wear one, for those on the fence - considerations as to:

  1. Type of fabric
  2. Thickness of fabric
  3. Color of fabric
  4. Temperature
  5. Type and color of Bodyhair
  6. Nipple hardness

All come into play.

FWIW - and IMHO - I think this varies based on culture and age. It seems from other informal discussions I’ve had - younger people seem to find this behavior (not wearing an undershirt) - to be more acceptable - as do those from European countries.

Personally I do not feel cooler/more comfortable without the undershirt. I understand this might seem odd, but that is the way I roll.

I also don’t get the wife beater or even v-neck style.

I tend to agree with this. My Dad (b.1934-d.2012) always wore an undershirt, regardless of the weather or of the type of outer shirt that he was wearing that day.
Lightweight cotton, heavy denim (and usually long sleeved, even on the hottest of days) he was never (that I can ever recall) without an undershirt.
As I’ve already noted above, I rarely wear one.

I dress formally, ie, dress pants, matching coat, and tie, or dress pants, sport coat, and tie, approximately 50 percent of my work year these days. It used to be more frequently.

I always wear an undershirt beneath my dress shirt; it is never a question. Nipples and clearly detected skin under a dress shirt is considered inappropriately dressed, at least in my business. Also, the cotton garment allows the dress shirt to drape more cleanly over it, providing a more proofessional look.

I do a lot of public speaking so YMMV of course, especially these days when generally anything goes attirewise, but I wouldn’t be caught in a client meeting or presentation without an undershirt beneath a dress shirt. Doing so would signal to my audience that I have less consideration for their sensibilites than I should, and a percentage of my audience would, conversely, take me less seriously. I’ve been in an audience a number of times when presenter nipplage was remarked upon. It wasn’t pretty…both the nipplage and the comments.

Also, the undershirt retards visible perspiration, so you want an undershirt especially on hot days.

Yes, for reasons already mentioned. White dress shirts especially can be surprisingly sheer. I’ve seen more than my share of man nipple through then. And tattoos.

I agree with the undershirt. Both for coverage and for protection of the upper garments. An undershirt is a few dollars. A good dress shirt can be $50. Simple math on that one.

Then again, I also prefer braces over a belt. Which, of course, means that when I take my suit coat off I look like Larry King. But they are buttoned in properly, even though I had to sew the buttons into the pants myself.

Other. I never wear an undershirt, in fact I do not own any. However, a decade or so ago I gave away all my suits/ties and vowed never to wear one again. So, yeah, other.

I wear an undershirt with pretty much every type of shirt except for T-Shirts. First, it provides a layer of sweat absorption so I don’t have the embarrassment of patches of wet shirt on hot days. Second, it provides a boundary between my deodorant and the arm pits of a nicer shirt. Third, I just like the way they feel. And finally, all of my shirts just last longer. The undershirts quickly show age and the arm pits get yellow and stiff from the deodorant. I’m fine with throwing them away.

In my previous post, I should have said I dress for business 50 percent of the time. A sport coat is not formal attire.

Maybe not for you. :dubious::wink:

Suit coat, sport coat… they’re both coats, what’s the difference? :confused:

Depends entirely on 1) how hot or cold it is and 2) how translucent the shirt is. But generally, I do not, unless it is really really cold.

Not wearing a tee shirt under a dress shirt is an option? Would have never crossed my mind. The idea of chest hair or sweat rings showing through my crisp white shirt under my suit is unimaginable.

I don’t have to, or elect to, dress up often so when I do I want to look great.

I’m frequently in court, dressed formally. Never wear an undershirt. Never been a problem. Never noticed if others do or not.

I wear an undershirt any time I wear a button-up shirt, formal or otherwise.

This, for me.

I wear high-end dress mock-turtlenecks with a suit and undershirts are just uncomfortable and spoil the lines. Haven’t worn a “dress shirt” or a tie of any kind since 1998.

So, no, I don’t wear undershirts at any time for any reason. Don’t even own any.