Do you wear a T-shirt under your outer shirt?

Every day, all types of outer shirt. Some really hot days this summer, that was the only shirt I wore.

I’ve recently started paying attention to see how many other guys wear one, even in the summer, and the answer is: Not many.

But I don’t care. I’m with you aceplace, I don’t feel “right” if I don’t have one on. I can’t stand the feel of a outer shirt on my skin either.

With knit outer shirts, I don’t wear one. With woven outer shirts, I always wear one.

trying again. crap Vbulletin crashed in the middle of my poll.

Do you wear a T-shirt under your outer shirt?
I’m talking old school fruit of the loom or Haynes white T-shirts. V Neck, Crewneck, or old school beater.
like these

I started wearing underwear T-shirts as a kid because my dad did. I think they were required in the Air Force. He often wore fatigues at home and always had an undershirt.

I hate the feel of a outer shirt on my skin. Especially if I sweat. I got to have my Crewneck T-shirt at all times. Even sleep in one. I wore one under my gown the last time I was in the hospital. My ass flapped in the breeze, but my chest was warm.

I’m curious if underwear T-shirts are still popular? Are they only needed for dress shirts? Knit shirts? All shirts?

Almost always.

Always, even when it’s hot. I hate to have sweat stains on my shirt.

Unless I’m wearing a t-shirt as an outer shirt, I’ll always wear a v-neck t-shirt under my shirt.


Sometimes I’ll wear something underneath a long-sleeved shirt for warmth, but otherwise no.

Almost never. At the moment I’m not even sure I own any.

I always wear a tank top under my clothes - bra, tank top, shirt.

Guy here - No, never. I’m always far too warm to ever wear one under a shirt; sometimes I will wear these as my only shirt, though.

I hate the feeling of sweat trickling down my side, so I always wear something next to my armpits. I wear antiperspirant as well, but what can I say – I’m a sweaty guy.

Always! It absorbs the sweat so it’s not visible on my outer shirt. More importantly, it absorbs the deodorant so my outer shirts and dress shirts last longer!

Female and I never do. I find it holds my boobs down. A t-shirt, at least.

Of course sometimes I’d wear a cami or a tank for fashion sake.

My brother often wears an undershirt and I just asked him why. He said for the same reason I don’t wear one - it diminishes his “protrusions”. Also helps mitigate sweat.

I will wear an undershirt if I’m wearing a light colored dress shirt that you can see my hairy chest through. Otherwise, usually not.

In cold weather I will often wear a color-coordinated t-shirt under my flannel shirts. In fact, I like to think I started that trend back in the late 70’s, before Grunge made flannels cool. :wink:

Always under dress shirts, and often under polos.

Me too.

I’m hyperhydrotic, so unless I want to look like some dripping freak, I wear undershirts.

Not during the summer, but usually the rest of the year.

At work, yes. Otherwise no. Often as a leisure shirt. But never a plain white one. I think I have a larger collection of super-hero or comic-related shirts than Sheldon and Leonard do.

Today I’m wearing this one under a very bright Hawaiian shirt.