V-Neck T Shirt Under Dress Shirt/Sweater Questions

I was told that if you are wearing a buttonup dress shirt or v neck sweater, u should always wear an undershirt and make sure it doesn’t show. The thing is with many v neck sweaters, i know wearing a button up dress shirt looks the best under it. However, i was told if you want to wear an undershirt, make sure its a v neck with a deep enough V so that it doesn’t show.
I was also told that if you wear a button up dress shirt, wear an undershirt that doesn’t show. Now if you button everything up on dress shirt, that shouldn’t be an issue whether its a crewneck or v neck undershirt. However, if you have the 1st button unbuttoned and also 2nd button unbuttoned… this would be an issue.
I’m 5’8 and around 145lbs so i wear small for dress shirts and t shirts.

  1. Does anyone have recommendation on an undershirt that has a deep enough V where you don’t have to worry about it showing whether you are wearing a v neck sweater or a dress shirt button up with 2 buttons unbuttoned? The thing is if its the just top button, many v necks seem to not show but if you take the 2nd button unbuttoned, this would be an issue.
    This is what i found online from checking websites
  2. Underfitshirts- $25 and seems very pricey. However the site looks good but are these undershirts worth it?



This looks good and tight. $22 or so. I however seen 2xist in century21 but it wasn’t this type of shirt, it was a v neck but it was really long. But from reading just review, this one seems to be good. Thoughts?

    $23. This one seems to have a few good reviews. Its also an undershirt according to amazon. I see ppl mention this shirt is good b/c u can wear it with 2 buttons unbuttoned. I did read someone saw quality is average though. But is this too short for an undershirt?

    This is a unisex shirt so its for both men and women. Reviews say its very big shirt and v goes really deep that its ridiculous. However is this even an undershirt? I dont see it advertisted as undershirt… i see t shirt though? Also anyone worn this can tell me if it fits too big or so? Read some reviews that say fits way too large. $12 or so.


    I was recommended by someone in another forum on this. However he says if you wear a dress shirt with 2 buttons unbutton, this would be a problem though. Was mentioned that sweater would be fine with this under as it wouldnt show the V. $$36 or pack of 3 seems okay.



The V neck i read here the V just isn’t deep enough. Does that mean this is useless then? Less than $5 a shirt though.

  1. Is it always a horrible idea to not wear anything under a dress shirt button up or a v neck sweater with nothing underneath? Would that be better or worst than wearing a v neck or crew neck that shows the white shirt?

  2. Question about undershirts. Are undershirts all suppose to be long enough where you are suppose to be able to tuck it in? The thing is i do see some deep v neck t shirts where it won’t be visible with a button up dress shirt with the top 2 buttons open… however… i believe those are t shirts and not a dress shirt. Could you wear a deep white t shirt under it and that would work? The issue with this though is most of those shirts are pretty short in length… like those t shirts where you just wear them solo without anything on. Would those be fine?

The V does look like it has a deep V in the picture. However its advertised as a t shirt though and not undershirt. $8 for the shirt only and it seems pretty good but is the length going to be an issue? This shirt seems to be meant to be worn outside by itself like in summer… but could you wear it as an undershirt?

Looks very similar to the one above. Very deep v but its mentioned its for the summer and a T shirt and not undershirt. Under $15 or so for this shirt. It looks good if you wear it by itself but can you wear this under a dress shirt with 2 buttons undone? Im sure you won’t see the V in it even with 2 butons undone, but can u wear this under a button up though since its not called an undershirt? Would this be fine wearing under a very tight button up with 2 buttons undone?


  1. Im sure many of you guys are not a fan of the tight button up dress shirt untucked with jeans look and black loafers for going out. But when i see people doing this, are they wearing undershirts? Are you suppose to wear an undershirt? The thing is if so, wouldn’t the undershirt still have to be tucked in the jeans?

  2. Is it always best to avoid crew necks no matter what? I always seem to like v neck t shirts as oppose to crewnecks.

  3. I have a banana republic pima t shirt in small that i love to wear whether its goilng outside or sleeping with it. Its Small size and perfect for me. Thus the length of it is pretty nice in that it fits if you wearing it only by itself. The issue with this though is the V is very high… where it looks like a crewneck t shirt if you get what i mean. But if this V is deep enough, can you wear it as undershirt? Also are t shirts and undershirts different in that undershirts feel a bit lighter? Thus if u wear a deep v neck t shirt and not undershirt and wear a button up with it and then v neck sweater, would it feel too hot compared to the undershirt?

Yes lot of questions but want to know if anyone can answer my questions. Cheers.

First button problems . . .

The visible undershirt looks dorky. You might find people who disagree with that, but I think they’d be in the minority. On the other hand, you have certainty about what’s going to happen. Dorky or not, you’ll be that dude with a visible undershirt.

If you go without the undershirt, things get risky. It might work out perfectly well. But what if your nipples are extremely visible under your shirt? Or what if you get sweaty and your whole armpit becomes visibly damp? Both of those outcomes are probably worse than the visible undershirt.

Personally I virtually never wear an undershirt but I’m very vigilant about it.

I’m going to make a wild speculation that most people would claim that they don’t even notice a visible undershirt, and that most would say a guy with nipples visible under a shirt or sweat stains looks tacky. I agree on the tacky sweaty pit stains and nipples, but I think deep down your visible undershirt is making them think you’re a dork.

Why don’t you look for that deep V style in a Tall size? It’ll be extra long so you can wear it as an undershirt.

I love it when people wear a t-shirt with the v-neck. It allows me easier access to your neck and saves me time in some cases. BTW, please don’t wear a turtle neck sweater. I want easy access to your neck!

You seem to be thinking about this way too much.


That said, white crew-neck t-shirt under a button down dress shirt with the top button undone is pretty much standard business casual. So if it’s really dress shirts you’re talking about, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you’re talking button down shirts like you’d wear for a night out or whatever, then yeah, either nothing under it or whatever V-neck or A-shirt gives you appropriate nipple and sweat coverage. Under a sweater, whatever makes you look good (so generally crew neck or V-neck to match the neck on your sweater) and feel good. I’d pretty much always want to wear a T-shirt under my sweaters because I sweat and washing wool sweaters every time is a giant pain in the ass, but YMMV.

I wear Hanes V-neck undershirts with everything. As far as I’ve noticed, they never show.

But yeah, I’ll stick my neck out and agree that you are WAY over-thinking this!

U-neck t-shirts are also an option…

For a while there was a thing against men (and women I suppose) showing chest hairs. So a regular t-shirt was the style. I’ve had the occasion to wear a matching color t-shirt under a shirt so that if it did show, it looked similar.

As with all things fashion and style if it’s dorky today, it will probably be the in thing soon.

Jesus Christ, Pauly001. You’re like one tragic industrial chemical accident from becoming a Gotham villain.

Let me help you out with this and hopefully avoid becoming your future unsuspecting victim.

Get these Fruit of the Loom v-neck tees from Old Navy. I’ve tried some of the others you’ve linked to and these are by far the best of the breed. Flat seams, long enough drape. No bunching if you get the right size (SMALL for you). Stand up to washing and wearing. Look and feel great.

You’re welcome.

It sounds like your problem is that second button. Here is a hint: having that many buttons undone on your dress shirt is going to look way more tacky than seeing a bit of your undershirt. If you have to go with dressing like some Jersey Shore caricature then wear an A-shirt since the neckline goes lower on those. I get by just fine with V-necks from Hanes, Kirkland (Costco), or whatever I can find for cheap at a place like TJ Maxx. All of these shirts are long enough to tuck in. I have a couple V-necks from H&M but they are on the shorter side and I notice them pulling out in the back by the end of the day. You do realize you can get V-necks in colors other than white, right?

What is the exact name of those you have? I seen many hanes v neck on amazon.com.
So if you unbutton 2 buttons, does the V still show? The thing is if you are wearing a dress shirt buttoned up fully, it doesn’t matter what shirt you wear whether crewneck or vneck but if its 2 buttons, then many V necks i read especially the hanes one would show. You ever worn it with having 2 buttons unbuttoned?

Yes but i read best color to get is white for these shirts. I have worn A shirts under dress shirts… it feels fine for me however, it looks really bad when it does show. Many times i have to push it down because of it.
Also i read A shirts are the worst undershirts to get. Thus i wanted to know if anyone here has bought or worn a V neck deep shirt that is very good where unbuttoning 2 buttons works good.

Why the 2 button fixation? Unbutton 1 when wearing a v-neck undershirt. Unbutton two when you’re not wearing an undershirt, while on vacation on a beach in Fiji.

The issue here would be you won’t be wearing anything under the button up if you unbutton two.

Correct. Because one is more professional/casual looking attire while the other is more relaxed looking attire. The former works with a v-neck. The latter works without.

Yes i know.
But if wearing it relaxed looking attire, you are saying its better to wear a button up dress shirt with 2 buttons unbuttoned without any type of shirt under it compared to a deep v neck undershirt that doesn’t show anything when 2 buttons unbuttoned?

Would buying some t-shirts shirts and trying them out zero out your bank account? That’s a genuine question, I understand money is really tight for some people.

From your posts, I get the impression you’re either very young or are older but have never worn clothing before. Doing some research is fine. I spent time learning about clothes when I was in college because I wanted to look my best. Most of us, ultimately, buy various things until we find out what we like.

Correct. Two buttons undone, no undershirt. But don’t take my word for it… take Tom Ford’s.

I always wear a crew neck t-shirt in a non-white neutral color with my button up shirts, top button undone. Taupe, heather, dark blue, etc. Something within the color range of the shirt and nothing bright that’d draw special attention to it (including white).

I’ve never put a ton of thought into whether it was dorky or not. But I’m a dork anyway so…