Duke Nukem Forever: Pushed Back

Just found out today for all you looking forward to the game that it has been pushed back until June.

Is anyone really surprised?

June…2027 :smiley:

They give the game an acronym of DNF and anyone was EVER surprised?

Too funny. *Stunned *I am, absolutely stunned!

I used to love Duke Nukem, but I can’t say yet whether I will buy it. It is so late I am thinking it can’t possibly live up to my memories or expectations.

How can that be? I was promised a May delivery date! Promised, solemnly. To me that constitutes a contract. I should sue them for their failure to deliver on time.

In the, what, 12 years since it was supposed to come out, I stopped giving a shit about generic first person shooters. I can’t possibly be the only one. I played Goldeneye to death, and three incarnations of Halo. How is this going to be anymore than “meh?”

You’re not the only one. That’s why they delayed it. No one is going to buy it when it’s up against Brink and LA Noire. Much better to release it in an empty June.

Brink looks like it could be my next big purchase, although Crysis 2 is unexpectedly good.

It’s just living up to our expectations.

dies laughing

Maybe Gearbox never intended on finishing it, and their marketing department acquired it for the purposes of publicity through using it as performance art.


When software I’m working on gets delayed, I always think “not as bad as DNF”


We’ve failed to notice the fine print: it’s actually “Duke Nukem Takes Forever

June? So I have to decide between buying it or buying A Dance With Dragons? Dear me, this will be a tough choice.

You’re worrying about whether to buy DN:F or GRRM’s next book? Something tells me that you won’t have to worry about either in June… or perhaps this year at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can throw poop in DNF. Betcha Goldeneye didn’t offer you that.

Aha! Maybe Duke’s been playing Warcraft all this time! It would explain this:




Well, not poop. I mean, look at the name.

Goldeneye? Apparently that’s a scene in DNF too.