Dumb A Haunting Question

OK, I just watched an episode called Demon CHild where some kid has an ‘imaginary friend’ named Man that is apparently a ghost [duh] and some things are notable, man gives him a picture, he plays with police cars and fire trucks, and there is a swing outside. I could absolutely swear that they lived in a fairly standard single story ranch yet in this episode it is a sort of large 2 story brick house, like from the 30s or so.

DO they recycle/refilm the same story or something? I know they frequently don’t shoot in the original house the story is set in because I have seen the same victorian house used in more than one episode [they used the house shown in Connecticut Haunting and a couple other episodes as I always liked the look of the house and noticed it in more than one episode. I like the early 20th century large foursquares.]