Dumb fashion question.

I don’t know what the jeans are called, “Butt ugly” might be a good name for them. I prefer to buy Levis or Wrangler jeans that are not stone washed, acid washed, sand washed, pre-washed or pre-faded. It doesn’t make sense to pay out two to three times as much for a pair of jeans that are already 80% worn out. If you want the lived in and seen some miles look to your clothing then wear them and enjoy them, they eventually will look just as worn and faded.

I asked the same question here-


but nobody in that thread knew what they were called either.

I will say that this design employs a very clever usage of the ‘contrast principle’ to draw attention to the crotch and buttocks. I assume that that is the intent.

Fails completely. I’m sorry, but I’ve had jeans that I wore for 10 years and that is NOT what they looked like. They didn’t have an even stripe of white down the front of each leg, etc. Whoever made these has probably never worn in a pair of jeans in their life.

Speaking of horrendous blue jean fashions, I saw a hilarious costume this Halloween. A girl wore a pair of super low jeans and stuck a wad of hair in the waistline. Looked like the jean were TOO low, and the wearer in need of some grooming. Ha ha. Great parody.

Unfortunately, very few of the skinny little things that I see wearing them have any buttocks to draw attention to.

“Unfortunately, very few of the skinny little things that I see wearing them have any buttocks to draw attention to.”

Uh…that would be me.

I think the intent is SUPPOSED to be “comfortably lived in”, but most companies don’t do a very good job. Victoria’s Secret are the only ones I like. And you don’t pay more for the fading.

I don’t mind the faded butt look as long as the jeans are well made and have a nice cut (the cheap jeans just looks stupid)

but I absolutly hate the “dirty” look with the yellow stains! Its so sick! Who wants to look like a bum on the street?? Do the jeans come with a disqusting smell, too?