New Ladies' Jeans Fashion...

What is the deal with the jeans the girls are wearing these days? They appear to be faded or bleached on the front side and the back side. Sometimes it’s from the waste to just above the knee, other times they are faded all the way down to the ankles.

Are they bought this way, or are they bleached at home? And does it serve any purpose- i.e. to make you look taller and/or skinnier?

I don’t know what the purpose of these jeans is, but I do know that you can buy them in the store. I don’t understand it myself. Why would you want to look like you accidentally sat in some bleach?

There’s also the "dirty " Jeans look, where the places that would be white if they were faded are brown. They look like they’ve been soaked in coffee.:confused:

I’ve also noticed “whisker washed” jeans where they put faded lines that radiate out from the crotch area to simulate the wrinkles that form when you sit down.:confused: :confused:

I’ve been wondering the same thing myself. The first few times I saw women wearing these things, I thought, “Whoa, time to get a new pair of jeans.” I felt particularly bad walking behind one woman wearing a denim skirt with a big white patch on her rear end.

But apparently it is some kind of fashion trend. Although pre-faded stuff is sold in stores, I’ve also seen a website suggesting that for that really trendy look, you should just use some bleach and a spray bottle.

I’d be interested if anyone has heard anything specific about this trend and where it came from.

While in London proper last month I saw many girls (and guys) wearing “waxed jeans” - they seemed to be jeans impregnated with white wax on the front. I felt some in a shop in Soho, and they just felt…odd. I don’t know if this is related or not.