Dumb fashion question.

Just wondering, you know those jeans you see women wearing these days that are sort of strategically faded on the butt and down the length of the jeans? It sort of looks like they sat on a damp towel with a bit of chlorine in it? They have a name?

I just want to know what to call 'em in the MPSIMS thread ten-or-so years from now, when we tally up weird fashion trends we bought into (bell bottoms, acid wash jeans, hip huggers, etc.).

I think these might fall into the Whisker Wash category. Not 100% sure though.

Sorry, but I god-damn hate those things more than any other fashion disaster right now (even more than the low-slung pants with high thong underwear/Abercombie and Feltch boxers, more than the 'Converse-style flip flops", even more than the one-shouldered halter top ala Flashdance. . . those who do now remember the 70’s are doomed to repeat it). They just look soooo unsavory, especially the ones with the yellowish tint. I’d suggest “urine-soaked wino wash” jeans.

I said as much to my 14-year-old daughter when she tried on a pair of those yellowed jeans.
“Yeah, they fit, but they look like you’ve peed in them repeatedly.”
I don’t know which one I find more repugnant, the yellowed tint or the bleached legs.
Both are just hideous. :rolleyes:

Yeah, I own a pair of those jeans, low-rise, bell-bottom, with that whisker fading detail. They are sort of weirdly colored, I got to admit, but I am ever Fashion’s Slave.

My mother laughed her butt off when she saw me wearing them. Hey, de gustibus and all that sort of thing, Mom. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, whisker wash is when they have lighter stripes going in the horizonal direction on the front of the jeans (near the pocket). It’s supposed to mimic the appearance of the folds that result when you sit down.

I don’t know the specific name for what the OP is talking about, though.

Yeah, but I think it’s part of the concept of the “whisker wash”, e.g. it’s distressed to look like you’ve worn it for years:newport news

IMO, it fails miserably!

A friend calls it the “Dirty Cowboy” look.

Wait-the “Flashdance” look is coming BACK???


I saw someone in jeans the other day that were superlight colored denim with a large dark spot around the lower butt-crotch area. I seriously couldn’t tell if she had peed/menstruated in them or whether is was supposed to be a fashion statement.

Maybe it’s the new trend for the bodily-function impaired. Next up, white jeans with a big red blotch already on them :eek:

I did some investigating, and there doesn’t seem to be a particular name for that finish. They’re generally called Fade, ultra-fade, or vintage, with or without color wash. Some of the lighter fades and whiskering look OK, but the “I sat in bleach then played mud football” look sucks.

I wear the “already faded” with the very slight “more” faded on the thighs and butt. It’s understated and looks realistic. But the ones in the cheaper stores, that look like someone painted bleach on with a paintbrush? Hate 'em. They don’t look natural. And the ones with the tint are just awful. They just look dirty to me. Also, I’m not big on the whiskers.

I saw apair of jeans at a maul that had the fade/dark/ fade and then dusted with glitter. Wish I’d thought of this first. Maybe the next big thing would be simulated inkstains all over jeans.

For a change I’d be ahead of the curve.

Geez, I’ve only seen the ‘low slung pants/high thong underwear’ combo once, and all “Mr. Heterosexual” Inky could think was “My God, girl, your mother let you out of the house wearing that!?”.

Almost as shocking as the little girl in the pink “Porno-(star symbol)” T-shirt.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go slink off somewhere and feel old.

Yes!! Finally the cartoonists of the world would lead the fashion trend.

Ohhhhhh, now I get it! Whiskering. Heh, heh, heh.

The closest thing I have to the “dirty cowboy” look jeans are a pair that I bought at a thrift store that were already worn in for me… and I only paid $2 for 'em, so there! I can be a “fashionista” without looking stupid or paying too much money. At least capes/cloaks are coming back into fashion. I love period costuming, and it gives me a chance to wear pieces of it more often. ::grins like a cheshire cat:: Now if only I could dress like the people from 1859 in* Possession.*

“Look! Here’s my crotch!!!” “See, here it is, right here!!!”

That’s what I think of when I see the whiskering.

Are they really? That would make the one and only time in my life I’ve been ahead of the fashion curve.

I paid 150 dollars for my Versace faded gray jeans, and then I tried to replicate with a pair of old (very old) levy’s and some bleach, it did not look anywhere near the real deal. Two completely different kinds of trousers.