Help settle a family dispute regarding laundry

How many times should a pair of jeans be worn between washings?

When they walk themselves to the laundry hamper?

Hmmm…I dunno, I think it varies. Loose baggy jeans probably need to be washed less frequently than fitting jeans that have more contact with the crotchal area, if you get my drift.

I probably wash my jeans after 4 or 5 wears, provided I haven’t spilt anything on them, in wish case I’d wash them immediately.

I think you can safely go at least two wears between washing, but this assumes normal wear and nothing sweaty or messy. Otherwise, they should be washed after that one wearing.


Like sandra said, it really depends. Personally, I wash my denim jeans after about three wears because I have poor eyesight and I can’t SEE any crud I’ve dripped or droozled on them anyway, so I just assume they’re filthy and bung them in the washing machine anyway. Others with better acuity can probably get away with longer between-wash spacings.

Of course, those with lousy personal hygiene and/or a propensity to spill their dinner on their lap regularly (like my SO!!) need to change their jeans daily.

Just wanted to edit with my SO has immaculate personal hygiene habits, but is a complete slob when it comes to eating dinner…they should make bibs for BIG PEOPLE not just babies!!

Whoa. I just saw that **Lakai ** started a very similar thread yesterday. I should have checked first. However, I’m happy to have your answers if you’ll still oblige me. I am counting your votes!

I would say 4-5 wears. But I’m a boy, and therefore icky, so you might want to discount my reply.

I agree.


Oh, sorry, I thought you said at least two weeks.

You people are all washomaniacs.

I’m a bit of a clean freak so I wash all clothes after one wearing. I think I’d crawl out of my skin if I waited 5 wearings to wash anything.

I wear them three to five times depending on how dirty I’ve gotten while wearing them, how long I’ve worn them per session, and whether or not they by sight, smell, or feel, appear “dirty”. Sometimes I just wear them in the car to and from work where I change out into scrubs–in that case I might wear the same pair for a week. Wearing them once out hiking or whatever, they get tossed in the wash immediately when I get home.

If you haven’t worn them to run in, and you’re not a particularly sweaty mofo, you can get away with maybe 5-6 wearings. However, wearing them to a bar where people are smoking only one time will require a trip to the washer. Smoking makes your clothes smell like nothing else. I only wish I weren’t in the last bastion of civilized smoking in the world.

Well, it depends on the fit. If they are very tight, they get fagged out after a wearing and need to be washed so they tighten up again.

If they’re baggy, I’d say 3 wearings in public and you can add a couple “at home only” wears. Provided you’re not wrestling in dirt or grass or something.

Do they stink? Wash 'em.

I usually only own 2 pair at a time, and jeans are my dress clothes, so I wash them every time I wear them just so they’re ready for the next funeral, wedding, trip to the psych ward, or whatever.

Until they are dirty. Depending on the weather, how lazy I am feeling and how many other pairs of jeans I have to wear until they are clean, this could mean anywhere from 1 wearing to over a month since the last washing.

Count me in with the 4-6 wears crowd, or earlier if spillage ensues.

Given that I bathe regularly, don’t wear jeans for sweaty activities (that’s why god invented yoga pants) and prefer looser fits that don’t make a lot of skin contact, they’re usually still pretty fresh by the time I get around to washing them, but that’s still the max for the sake of my conscience. Throwing them in the wash after every wear would serve no purpose except to make them old before their time, and to use up more power, water and detergent than necessary.

I’d say about 5 times, as long as you’re changing your underpants regularly. Unless, of course, the jeans are actually dirty. Jeans are comfiest by wear three, I think.

And never line dry jeans! So stiff and uncomfortable!

It depends whether any of the hooker’s blood gets sprayed on them while you are “working”. Sometimes it’s just better to burn them.

I personally wash my jeans after every wearing, unless I’ve only worn them for a couple of hours. I hate putting on a pair of jeans that’s been stretched out and creased at the knees already.

I think that I must have turned into an old fart in the last few years – I haven’t worn jeans for a long time. Needless to say, I haven’t washed jeans in years.

Thank you. I was wondering if I was nuts or if everyone else was. One wear? Are you guys wrestling pigs?

Barring extra sweaty/dirty activities I’ll wear a pair for a weekend. Or for three or four evenings after work if I feel the need to get out of work clothes when I get home.