Dumb Question

What does "lol’’ mean? :o

Laugh out loud.

Laugh Out Loud

Thanks, you guys. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

there’s also

Ok, I’ll bite… I’ve never seen that particular one before.

…Spitting Coffee On Keyboard

Internet slang:


But if you’re rolling on the floor laughing your ass off, how can you be spitting coffee on the keyboard?

With practice

You’re part whale and part South African Spitting Toad.

Look here for an answer

I’ve always said that the continued bastardization of language on the Internet would one day reach a point where people would no longer remember what acronyms like “lol” meant, treating them as atomic units of speech, and perhaps eventually seeking even to abbreviate them further, to save wear and tear on precious, precious keyboards, which due to unforeseen cataclysm would be rare and highly-coveted commodities. It looks like that day may come sooner than I thought. :smiley:


Honestly, i originally thought it was a ‘smily’ representation of Edvard Munch’s The Scream!

Actually, if the powers that be ever deign to add any more smilies, this one could be quite useful…

Well, you can always fake it:

There are no dumb questions (the first time you ask.)

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