Dune -- The Newest Version

Paul Atreides kept his body still but relaxed. If the Hunter-Seeker detected any movement it would zero in on it, and he would be dead before he knew it. He would have to grab and hold it on the first try – the suspensor Field would make it slippery. He watched carefully for his chance.

The door to his chamber opened, and the H-S instantly picked up on this, turning and accelerating. Whoever had opened the door would be dead unles…

Paul struck out with his hand, caught the H-S, and jammed its needle tip into the wall.

Standing in the doorway was the one who had opened it - a diminutive woman, one of the native household staff. She was two feet tall, made entirely of felt, with blue buttons by way of eyes. She walked in with the peculiar bobbing gait of these people, as if being manipulated by an arm under her dress.

“I am the housekeeper,” she said, “The Shadout Muppet.”

Huh… That’s what Prairie Dawn is doing now.
I guess it beats Muppet porn to support her meth habit. :slight_smile:

Prairie Dawn porn?
Link, please?

You’d have to change the title of the book to “Foozbane.”