Dungeons and Dragons - Oregon

My brother and I recently started playing D&D again after a 15 year break. My brother is moving from NAshville TN to Portland, OR (or near there anyway) soon, and we would like to find some games up there. Anybody play or know anyone who does? He would like to stick with Living Greyhawk if possible.

Ummm…need a new player?

Try this, or Bridgetown Hobbies & Games.
What exactly do you mean by “near” Portland?

Check out the meetup group. There are usually 2 game days a month - one on a Saturday in Hermitage, and one on aSunday in Murfreesboro. I go to the Saturday one.

Well, I am not sure yet. My Grandma lives in Ventura California. My brother is in his last few months in the Army. He was planning on moving to Ventura for a year or so, before moving to San Fransisco where his finance lives. My Grandma just announced that she is moving to Portland to be close to two of my uncles. One lives in Portland, and one lives in Canby. They are looking at a house, but I don’t have any details yet. Hopefully I will get a lot more details when I am in Ventura at Christmas.

There’s a geekery near me where I’m pretty sure they play D&D. Anyway there’s lots of tabletop RPG paraphernalia but nothing really for sale, it’s a little grungy, and it smells like despair and stale Cheetos.
…On second thought, don’t go there.

Can I steal this?

That link doesn’t go anywhere but an odd search engine.

I play D&D but only 1st edition, original campaigns. I don’t like 3rd edition, or canned worlds.

oops, sorry.

Try this one.


It’s all you, kid.

ETA: That is to say, go for it.

When I played before, we used 2.5 edition rules. Living Greyhawk uses 3.5. I like the changes from 2.5 tp 3.5. I never played anything prior to 2.5.

I like the LG campaigns, because they have a ton of 4 hour games. So I can go to my once a month 4 hour game, or not, as my schedule permits, without messing everyone else up. When I played in high school, our campaigns took 2 months. If someone missed a game, it kinda screwed things up.